Get It Straight with Daniel Razon
Aired December 2, 2013 at UNTV 37

Daniel Razon: This morning one of the most colorful personalities in and out of the political arena and can be called “rehabilitation czar” to the Yolanda stricken areas, please welcome to the program former Senator Panfilo ‘Ping’ Lacson. Sir, Good morning sir.

How are you sir? It’s been a long time.

Ping Lacson: Yeah, it’s been a long time.

Daniel Razon: Sir, let’s get it straight, you being the rehabilitation czar, is it already formalized?

Ping Lacson: Well, the letter of appointment or order, none, but we had talked and contacted both side, I accepted the order and they acknowledged, so it is just the mechanics of appointment and the structure of  the executive order … agency.

Daniel Razon: Is that through what?  a telephone call?  How’s the process?

Ping Lacson: Last Friday, talks occurred in Malacañang while talking other stuff. Then, without nowhere, they asked if I can be of help or to oversee the operations in the reconstruction and rehabilitation… I was tongue-tied and cannot reply, so I just smiled. Then, we head on what the original agenda but they had asked me again if I would do it, they would make an appointment – PNOY. That was the time that I had told them to at least give me 2 days of sleep to think about it because it is the law enforcement. It is new to me – the experience. I cannot give my word for the fact that I am not sure if the seat is not filled. I requested for at least 2 to 3 days to think about it and at the same time, thinking about my own resource person. The experts in the field on what is “rehabilitation” all about. This is entirely new, completely new to me. New field. So that night, I called some friends if they knew experts regarding rehabilitation.  Surely we are seeing the town planners, urban planners and the ones whose expertise regarding the after disaster and reconstruction. I have also engaged into reading materials using Google. From there, I saw what McArthur had done at Hiroshima, the Warsaw Martial plan, so as they called it but it there is a big difference because back then, it was post-war. Then I had also read Indonesian. That’s what they called it Mr. Fix it.  I had just one simple question, is it doable?  They said, it can be done. So it is a challenge. You know, it is hard to just walk away. To refuse challenge. But it is not in my character to just walk away from challenges. That is a job. Then we had a little bit of briefing … consultation to experts then finally, I texted the President yesterday then I said I accept the offer.

Daniel Razon: So, at first, do you think it was serious or you felt it’s just a joke?

Ping Lacson: No. they are really serious. As I smiled back they told me to decide for them to issue …

Daniel Razon: What exactly are you talking about?  About what?

Ping Lacson: Ah, it is somewhat confidential.

Daniel Razon: Ah, okay, okay.

Ping Lacson: Entirely a different agenda. Different topic.

Daniel Razon: Okay. This appointment is totally different from being a DILG chief … it was just hampered because of the Jessie Robredo team, right? That was where you are then.

Ping Lacson: Yes. It would be just as smooth as it is if I were in the law enforcement or in the public safety. That is why I am surprised. An almost anti-corruption task force but this is totally hmm … that is why it took me…

Daniel Razon: What do you feel in this situation wherein it is an entirely far or gotten near the issue?

Ping Lacson: Near the issue. It is just like walking on a piece of wire. Big sum of money involved. I am sure of myself that I would not do anything illegal about the funds. I am certain that misusing money would not be one. But…

Daniel Razon: The process …

Ping Lacson: Yeah. Every step of the way, funds must be closely monitored and that is a big challenge for me. The reconstruction and rehabilitation. I can easily find people with technical expertise to do the work. To execute, plan, implement … to do just about everything but the monitoring of funds, that is a challenge.

Daniel Razon: But looking bit from afar, I am sure you have foreseen this is about to happen eventually. You already have some criticism of your own, right?

Ping Lacson: No, because we are all conscious about the ravages and every one of us, in the deepest part of our h hearts we wanted to help and same goes out with a friend of mine who would be sending help in one of the towns at Guiuan, I said if I can send some help too, never mind the recognition. It is from my heart and I wanted to be, even have a small part. I told him to just   go and do wherever needs it. I never have known what towns he had given that. Last Thursday, I went to his office, coincidentally, the mayor of the town of Guiuan was there, he gave thanks and I asked how was the devastation in your place? The mayor said that 100%. So 100% devastated and they would be starting from zero. From scratch. I said to him, what you have going through is really hard, but it is an opportunity because by the time you have re-build and started from zero, you can re-organize everything. From zoning … to those houses which are at the coastal areas can have some setbacks. It can be build so that the usual flooding would not go over board for your people to be safe. My point is, the damage has been done. We should not cry over spilled milk. A positive approach is needed. Little did I know that it is just the start for me to welcome my new job and I think that I would fall in love in rehabilitating.

Daniel Razon: But one of the problems is the zoning and mapping. That would place a permanent danger zone. No building zone. What would happen to them whose land titles would cross the permanent danger zone?

Ping Lacson: Well, that’s another challenge, right. The president had pointed out what to do to those houses near the coastline to setback. The state has the power to exprocate if it involves physical safety and security of its people. And one of the hardest challenge that I have not anticipated yesterday is that our last briefing, the information from another resource person is that the land titles in Tacloban. If the LRA in Tacloban is fully computerized. If not, how would they reconstruct and it would be taken advantaged by the land grabbers. They have no control in whoever shall build houses and foundations. It is a possibility that some foundations are washed off by the flood especially to those records in the government offices that had been washed off.

Daniel Razon: That is the reality.

Ping Lacson: Yes I just hope that …

Daniel Razon: So, you found out that it was not computerized?

Ping Lacson: No. I am not yet certain. We have been interacting with LRA thru my staff and asked them if it was computerized, the LRA, to those places that Yolanda ravaged and they replied, they were reconstructing it. Bohol, so far, completed. So, that is a good sign that maybe in Tacloban, too, or Tanawan, they can do the same thing to lessen the problem. It would be complex it’s not.

Daniel Razon: That’s right. What would be the biggest barrier in doing this job. I am seeing you to be this person to just want to remove all barriers. It just goes out with the saying, you attract the barriers. What would be your foresight regarding this?

Ping Lacson:  Ah, where would I be creating conflicts?  There is just one and that is the administrating the fund of the agencies and the monitoring to them. You can really can see the misused and the attempt to misuse them. Taking advantage to those hopeless victims and digging into the situation including government people that would be really hard. But I will fight them even up to the point of getting my connections to the PNP or NBI to an operation wherein heads would be caught because of mis-using funds.

Daniel Razon: Do you think they were a little bit of slow in implementing this stuff? The process on which I am seeing right now is that making them act really would mean jumping out of the process? It is a slowed down process, right?

Ping Lacson: That is not that simple at it seems. First up, assessing the damage, planning. There is a timeline. As I have studied the past weekend, there are timelines in assessing the damages. I hope that the cabinet had done it and now ready to plan. As a matter of fact, they have submitted a rehab plan. I have not yet seen what they have submitted to the President but that’s the reason why they have come up with the 40 billion, dividing the pie – that was the graph dividing on where fund would be going: livelihood, what percentage would go to the infrastructures. I would be reviewing to see where to adjust if other aspects would be lacking including the community of dead deeds involves the restoration of homes, livelihood, social lives, etc.  Objectives that includes the infrastructures, roads, destroyed bridges, forts, airports. There are also the financial objectives to raise funds. So this is not just for the government to do, but still you need the help of the private sectors and human resources because you need volunteers to inspire, motivate to help the government. This is what has been going through my mind. Private sectors would go first, then government whose agencies would be constructed and lead by me and other cabinet members, the one who would monitor and oversee, and that is the work of the private sector – but they do not dwell into that endeavor without  … let’s face it. They are profit-oriented. But if I was to choose, rather than to do with the government bureaucracy and red tape, I will prefer the private sector to initiate the forefront and lead the road and the government would only be managing.

Daniel Razon: Well, speaking of which, you said that if it would be at your own terms, as I have known you as a person who do not dive into the puppet side, how would the process of authority be? How big the span … is the President said anything not to dive into your management … no one can intervene because it is hard when many people would dwell into the process.

Ping Lacson: It goes without saying that I will be reporting directly to him and only to him I have the responsibility and to the Filipino people, too.        

Daniel Razon: So you can command them under your supervision?

Ping Lacson: Not the word command because it is an inappropriate word. As if I was a king commanding. You should straighten and balance between a dictator or a consultative. You should be in between, whether you would be very aggressive, well do it. If the situation would need you to be calm, then, it depends upon the situation.

Daniel Razon: But the thing is who would be the one on the driver’s seat? Who would be under the jurisdiction of whom? Under you? Would you be handling the whole or acting as an organizer?

Ping Lacson:  When you say overall supervisor or overseer, it’s easier to be understood while delegating the plans, what we have come up with, this is the plan on how we can reach or implement. We have like, a Bible for that matter.

 Daniel Razon: I just said it because the former DILG Sec.  Robredo, there are cops …

 Ping Lacson: It is really difficult because when I was in the military, we call it unity of command. It is really, really needed. There you have your commander, sub-commander … if there were many commanders, it would be very disorderly.

Daniel Razon: So they haven’t told you on how far can you go?

Ping Lacson: That was the executive orders that I have been working out that would sum up everything there. Including the definition of functions which is the unity of command that would converse everything.

Daniel Razon: Have you foreseen, maybe there would be throwing stones at your leadership and someone would make some privilege speech and accuse Ping of inconsistence because he had no background in the matter?

 Ping Lacson:  I am not boasting to know all. And as I told you earlier, I don’t know anything about this. But someone doesn’t have to be a civil engineer or an architect because you have all the technical people with you to do those specific jobs. What needs is the managerial expertise.

Daniel Razon: And how would these things affect the declaration of PDAF an unconstitutional because …

Ping Lacson: It really is a big thing because first of all, the ones whom they had filed cases in the ombudsman, these are not your ordinary people – senators, congressman. For me, that sends a big message, so it really has big money involve and to those holding the minor functions would think 10 times before they would meddle and use those funds for their own good.

Daniel Razon: To divert …

Ping Lacson: Yes, diverting. If senators would be convicted, it would be a very nice message or turning of event, which is basically not good for my fellow politicians that had been facing those cases against them. But for me, it is a blessing in disguise – the blessings that the Philippines, the Filipino people wherein putting an end to abuse of funds. As for the funds concern, it is really a big deal that funds would be fixed and or fellow Filipino would also police, for them to know that the government is really doing everything to convict them. Of course we are on the preliminary investigation but well-publicized for the whole country to see even overseas sending them message that the funds is something not to be diverted and using it wrongly.

Daniel Razon: But you decline to use your PDAF during your time, more so, you fought with the pork barrel, right? What I am looking at is that who would be the implementing body if there is an NGO, who are checking them? The senator or the DDM or the implementing agency?

Ping Lacson: DDM only disperse money. But the problem is, for example, in the case of Mrs. Napoles, why do they have the list before hand? The menu projects has its list, these are the priority projects. It appears to be as the operator knows more and informing the Senators or Congressman, “the list of priority projects are here. You can list down yours …”   because if the project is not found in the DDM list, it would really take time. So it is a wide scope in the government syndicate involving different agencies and private individual or entity wherein they would conspire. This is not an allegation but it is what I saw. There are conspiracies to make use or for that big sum of funds to be corrupted.     

Daniel Razon: But of course, there are attempts in diving into it.

Ping Lacson: If they can get away with it.

Daniel Razon: Yes if they can, is there any, by chance approached you about the pork barrel in which you totally disagree with and says …

 Ping Lacson: There is. 

Daniel Razon: Is Napoles one of them? But, sir, before you answer, we’ll pause for a break.

Ping Lacson: Okay. Haha

Daniel Razon: To those who had approached you, is Napoles included?

Ping Lacson: I don’t think so. First up, I don’t know Napoles. I don’t know it she was the one handling or whatever but there was an instance I think it was 2005, there were roaming around, operators, maybe representatives. One of them had gotten to my office. I won’t share the name of the agency. Just sitting around not saying a thing. We talked just about anything until I called my staff, he said goodbye not saying anything. I asked my staff on what the person needs. My staff just said, “Sir, he approaches the other senator … wanted to give you a formal letter request  …” I said he gave me none. My staff had the copies that came from other senators. Anyway, I read it, you have to sign a blank letter request to release a 5 million fund wherein the amount of 3.5 would be given to the senator and the 1.5 would go back to them for clearing. I kept the letter which they let me have it. My staff want it back because he just borrowed it from a senator with this name. I said, no, I would be using it on the floor. It was a budget deliberation. When I got on the floor,  there is a contact number r, mobile number, then I showed it to everyone that there is a letter going around saying that if we filled out 5 , 3.5 cash will be ours and the remaining 1.5 theirs.

Daniel Razon: 3.5 is yours?

Ping Lacson: Yes.

Daniel Razon: Two fold pocket?

Ping Lacson: Yes. That means that, most probably, it’s a ghost project because 1.5 Million covers the expenses of documentation, tax, not covering the entire project. I was watching all my colleagues, that was not my privilege speech, I just stood for them to recognize me and to be able to say that. I noticed, there were staring at the ceiling … others were looking straight at me like they want to kill me. So, more or less I already have an idea who received. Who got 10, 5, go 12 and 11 …

Daniel Razon: And were talking millions here?

Ping Lacson: Were talking millions here, not thousands. Until one got up, questioning my statement saying, “I do not believe that because that department   has no funds for that project.” I retaliated saying, “actually, there is a mobile phone indicated, we can trace whose operating.” Collegians, as you know, when someone stands up and no one supported your statement, it is considered as part of senate record. Example of this is way back 2003, March 11, 2013 wherein I attacked pork barrel. There was no interpolation because after the privilege speech, they suspended the session and after the suspension, it resumed. After the assumption, adjourned.

Normally when senators or a legislature is having a privilege speech or resolution, even if there were no interpolations on the floor, it is being referred to a committee and that committee will call on the resource person to a committee e hearing or public hearing and they would make a committee report then, they will report it on the floor. Debates will take place and it is where they will decide to adopt or reject on the plenary … on the floor. My privilege speech about pork barrel is full of substance because we are talking about percentages. Who are involved. I cleared out that I am not saying that everybody who had pork barrels had received, but everyone is a suspect as long as they have pork barrels. That is the truth because the Filipino people is seeing the senators and congressmen receiving  pork barrel would automatically receives a 20%, nothing happened … it was just me who is not getting pork barrel and they looked at me as OA… kill joy or corny. But never mind that. I just stood for what I believed in. I remember a former senator. We chatted for a while because we never found a time to talk while in the senate he told me, “you know why i have confidence in you? “not for anything else, I just shared this because it’s the truth. When we were both senators, we disagreed on pork barrels. We fought against it. At the end, we were just the ones who stood up and grab that opportunity. Other senators were looking and backed out because of being out-numbered. We, two cannot pass a resolution. But it can be done. We stood for what we thought is right. It had occurred to them that it can, really be done. But collegian prevailed. The principle of we, ours, and just follow the majority.

Daniel Razon: Yes, and you were able to do that.

Ping Lacson: It was only now that we had talked about it after what we had stood for in the senate.

Daniel Razon: It is clearly in your character to not to stand without proof or evidence. And I am sure that just doesn’t end there. For sure, you knew some who were involved in this and that transactions, am I correct?

Ping Lacson: That is right. We have informations, others classified as solid evidence, because if you have solid evidence, like the ones coming out like the whistle blowers who have documents and reached the ombudsman.

Daniel Razon: … but have you had solid evidence until now?

Ping Lacson: We have. That is why I have one senator who filed one, right? The one pending on the ombudsman …

Daniel Razon: But in others who were involved …

Ping Lacson: You know, if you were the one who is going to pursue, the senate would think that you are attacking them. But the one that I had told them are those that I just referred to the ombudsman and that was it. The records are available in the senate and all I have to do is give it to them. They conducted a fact finding investigation and seen that it is authentic and the investigation is still going on.

Daniel Razon: That was newly launched but there is this one incident that they wanted the pork barrels to go up. You exposed this right? Why just recent?

Ping Lacson: I also said that but …

Daniel Razon: buried?

Ping Lacson: It was buried and overlapped by other issues and it was not noticed, for example …

Daniel Razon: You were being ganged up on, is that right?

Ping Lacson: I also said that but…

 Not really. Let’s just say that it was placed under the rag and did not talked about it. That incident … situation way back 2003 when I delivered my privilege speech, which I considered a skating privileged speech, what I have said back then, is a big issue now. I speak up in caucuses when they want to tackle that before talking about the field of amendments. They would insert things aside from the 200 million every year; year in, year out, there really is an additional. There was once a caucus of all the senators wherein they questioned the 38 billion pesos lump sum appropriation in the office of the President who suggested that it should be reduced. That was the time of GMA.  We all agreed for the fact that really is in the news about misusing the funds. After we had agreed to lessen and how much should we cut off, one senator protested and suggested to give everyone a sum of 500 because of its large amount. I objected upfront and disagreed. It is a shame to cut off the 38 billion of the President – whoever that president just to be seen a 500 each in every senators pork barrel. I disagreed. The caucus was dismissed. The caucus adjourned and they said to talk about it some other time. I was not invited on the second caucus and I was not informed. But God is really good because we have meetings with few senators, congressmen and other personalities. We talked about different gossips in the government. One congressman who is a little bit of insulting who had talked to a common friend asking me if I can allocate a 50 million to his locality upon hearing that we had an additional 200. I said there was none. He told me that one senator told him that there really is an additional 200. That was the time that I had known that additional money and confronted the senate president and the chairman of finance committee. I told him, “didn’t I objected in the caucus?  You still proceeded not me knowing just because I objected. I just accidentally known that it was pursued. Everybody would know that issue. Tomorrow you will be seeing me on TV and radio denouncing that. I also questioned the sack loan in the interpolation. In other words, the 200 million additional was not executed and the 200, also, was not approved because of me buzzing all about it.        

Daniel Razon: But prior to that, is there other executed?

Ping Lacson: Yearly, there were but that particular instance, that is just blatant. It started with 300. Come to think about it, 300 times 24? How many billions are there? Just like having an advocacy to get that lump sum of the president then, it would be showing … it would appear in time and it would be appearing  that we cut that off then it would be showing in our individual form. It is just a bad image to see.

Daniel Razon: Many feared you. Are you aware of that?

Ping Lacson: At times but I don’t want to believe it, haha.                                                                                                    

Daniel Razon: Why do you think that most people felt uneasy or feared you?

Ping Lacson: That is the case because I don’t really conform to the … let’s just say in the tradition. We can say that I don’t go with the flow.

Daniel Razon: Sort of a villain.

Ping Lacson: Yes. Not conforming with everybody.

Daniel Razon: It is just like … there is this notion in the recently issue that came out about Bobby Dacer. How do you react when they said that Ping Lacson, killer?

Ping Lacson: There are blog sites wherein you can read different stuff, they were saying that I am gay.  Different sorts of things, right?

Daniel Razon: Wait, since you already mentioned it, are you gay?

Ping Lacson: No. haha!

Daniel Razon: Hahaha!

Ping Lacson: I will fight you if you will insist that I am. That is not true hahaha!

Daniel Razon: I would ask you regarding that gossip roaming around.

Ping Lacson: No. No offense to all gays in the world but I am not gay. For the record.

Daniel Razon: It is just like … there are things …

Ping Lacson: That started when I was the Chief PNP. I was …

Daniel Razon: Why do you think that came out?

Ping Lacson: Well, those things to be thrown away when I was the chief PNP, those secretly despise me. “He’s gay” and in return, I would answer them. “If I am gay, there would be none in the world.

Daniel Razon: Yes, because I heard that you hold a dual citizenship.

Ping Lacson: That was it.

Daniel Razon:  Was there anyone who caught you doing your make-up?

Ping Lacson: There was someone who is going to do it but I declined because I have somewhere to go after this.  If there anyone who would see me in foundation, they would immediately confirm, that is why I just requested for the tissue.

Daniel Razon: It started… How it come up?

Ping Lacson: Well, I had charged this police colonel with kidnapping and since then, we haven’t established a good relationship. He started it all. We have what we called a cadet night show. This is held 100 days before the graduation. We are all male cadets. No females. The stag … the place where we performed since there were no …

Daniel Razon: Like a stage show?

Ping Lacson: Yes, sort of, just for fun. There were who danced the pandanggo. We hired choreographers and they would roam around the classrooms, spotting mestizos whom they can dress like woman. So, I am one of those, I think, Greg Honassan is one of them. There were those that had been dressed up, wore a wig, lipstick, and would look like a woman. Then they would let them wear skirts and I am one of those.  We danced, but we were many. But if you are a playboy, surely, you cannot resist.

Daniel Razon: Among those, you are the prettiest?

Ping Lacson: No, there were those who is much prettier than me but that officer is also a PMAer, he made clippings, maybe he       spread it out that I was gay having that as his evidence, me dressing as a woman. He did not mentioned that it was a cadet night show and it is not just me dancing but many of us, dancing in different numbers.

Daniel Razon: You should hand them evidence that “I have one, with Greg”

Ping Lacson: Haha. You are dragging others into this. So, anyway, that started it all.  An interview of him, I remembered, they mentioned the incident about kidnapping. We are told that our evidence is some kind of a fairy tale against them. It came across a fairy tale in the closet, and then they added the closet fair. That was the start of that accusation that I was gay. “I have his picture.” That is why it is always in his pocket for proofs.

Daniel Razon: Maybe he has a crush on you?

Ping Lacson: That I don’t know but it is always in his wallet for him to show off to whomever he’ll be talking to – “You see?  He really is…” That’s what he does until one time, a senate hearing held. I remember Senator Maceda and Senator Herrera, it was all about drugs. I was invited as the Chief PNP as resource person. Then when it was almost done and about to ajourn, I remembered the gay issue. I said, your honor, Mr. Chairman, I just want to add one more statement.  I want to bring up that issue.  “Go ahead.” I   told them, “for the record, I am not gay and I don’t intend to be one” for that to just be part of the record. A police officer said that “admitted” he said “he is not gay but he did not intend to be one.”  Hahah. So you see, they are playing porch. Anyway, when Miriam arrived, she called me Pingky. Every time I read it, I cannot help but to laugh. My wife laughed. Of course, of all people, she knows. I don’t want to go beyond what she knows.

Daniel Razon: So, if you’re not gay, are you a womanizer?

Ping Lacson: Hahaha!

Daniel Razon: Why suddenly got red face?

Ping Lacson: You, hahaha

Daniel Razon: Hahaha

Daniel Razon:  With those kind of issues the impression by others to you is that you are a killer even if you are not.

Ping Lacson: Yeah

Daniel Razon: That was associated with your name.

Ping Lacson: Kuratong.

Daniel Razon: Who were your enemies that you think that you cannot forgive?

Ping Lacson: I’ve forgiven them.

Daniel Razon: How is …

Ping Lacson: Even GMA, I already had forgiven her. My principle in life, like what I have read, John F. Kennedy said that. “Forgive your enemies but don’t forget their names.”

Daniel Razon: Are you okay with Veroya?

Ping Lacson: In my case, it’s all good. All detractors, all to those who made my life hard. From Mawanay, from Rose Bud … I have forgiven them. Because if you hold grudges and never forgive, no matter how badly you were treated in the past, it’s going to be you who would suffer because you will be thinking of it.

Daniel Razon: You will fastly get older.

Ping Lacson: We haven’t got the chance to talk. We have not seen each other.

Daniel Razon: But you’re okay?

Ping Lacson: Yes. Whatever they want me to do. They made me gay, to another, made me a killer, made me a drug lord, and made me a kidnapper… all of that. But at the end of the day, you would think that they have their reasons. But then again, it’s not true, I would just sleep soundly.

Daniel Razon: The things that they were accusing you, is there one that has a bit of truth? None?

Ping Lacson: I cannot think of one because I should have been behind bars.

Daniel Razon: That was not all that, right.

Ping Lacson: All I can say is that there is no truth regarding the issue of me being gay.

Daniel Razon:  Hahaha

Ping Lacson: There are some with a bit of truth but I cannot recall. But this is what I can assure you …

Daniel Razon: How many have you killed so far?

Ping Lacson: When you are in a gun fight, you don’t know who were going to be shot.

Daniel Razon: You cannot recount?

Ping Lacson: Yes.

Daniel Razon: But there was none whom you instructed to be killed?

Ping Lacson: None. None.

Daniel Razon: Something like …

Ping Lacson: What I have instructed my men during jump off operations is that, “it’s just in the movies that happened wherein the police would let the villains shot them, rolled and not a wound. We know for a fact that inside that vehicle, inside the house, it is stupid to wait for them to held their hands and say to them to get out and surrender themselves. Seeing that a gun muscle is shown, don’t wait for them to shoot. “Shoot stupid” because it is better to be a … being murdered if you can call that a murder or a dead tool a dead stupid whatever that they call in their wake. “This cop is really a weak one. Come to think about it, there were many of them that raided the place, still he was killed. Self defense is applied in an imminent danger. But it is up to yu on how you are going to apply at that instance. Telling them to held their both hands, wherein a gun muscle is shown inside a car, would you wait for them to get out of the car and held the gun point blank for you to pull that trigger?

Daniel Razon: You’ll pull that trigger first?

Ping Lacson: Yes but if you still call that murder, so be it. At least my men are alive… I live.

Daniel Razon: How’s between you and Secretary De Lima?

Ping Lacson: It’s okay. Okay.

Daniel Razon: You have straightened things out?

Ping Lacson:  Yes.

Daniel Razon:  You’ve talked?

Ping Lacson: Yes. I understood his passion because it is the same as mine. She has work to do, I have mine. She has her own belief … fought for her belief, I also fought for my belief. It is just so happen that were not the same.

Daniel Razon: So you think that there is something personal about that?

Ping Lacson: Never. Even when we had some discussions about that. I am not thinking about that because we don’t have any history of …

Daniel Razon: What’s your history with Miriam?

Ping Lacson: None. We got along even when I was the Chief PNP we always … her husband is undersecretary Santiago. We are still friends up to now. But I don’t know … it started with an issue regarding an additional MOOE (Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses) of Senate President Enrile. I was the chairman on committee on accounts, she got the least compared to other senators and she returned it.  At first, it was the Senator, senate president Enrile whom she was pinpointing. But later, for all the people that she had bombarded with that issue that included me. I heard her saying, “December is coming to an end, they had accepted 300 thousand each … going in their pockets” I was being dragged at that issue. We all received but it is clearly stated in the voucher ‘additional MOOE’ and not for our pockets. It’s your personal thing. MOOE handled by a finance officer. So why did she have to tell all the radio and television that we hid it in our pockets because the end of the year. But I for one researched and found out that she had accepted a 600 thousand in November and said that it is perfectly moral. But when a 250 rather than a 300 thousand to others, she considered it immoral. It is also an additional MOOE. In one of my interviews I stated that she should not include all.   That we are the thieves and she is not. She had taken that on us and accused of being an attack dog of Enrile, which is not true because I was not defending Senator Enrile. Whom I was defending is myself and maybe the whole senate as an institution because it is collapsing. She told everybody that we all pocketed the additional MOOE.  We exchanged words which I called her a proceeding crew. That was then, she called me Pingky. Then I called her another name, crazy or whatever. That was the start and up to now, it has not subside.

Daniel Razon: If you were to describe her now, how would you describe her in a word?

Ping Lacson: No. but the Senator President can.

Daniel Razon: You are following?

Ping Lacson: No. I was just listening. But haha …

Daniel Razon: Would you consider running for Presidency?

Ping Lacson: Tiring, sickening at really tiring. Even returning in the senate after being there for 12 years.

Daniel Razon: Like 2016, because you’re still very young?

Ping Lacson: I graduated in 1971, 42 years ago until 2013 … nonstop. It is just now that I have tasted to relax after June 30 of 2013. It really felt good.

Daniel Razon: Good luck for being a rehabilitation czar.

Ping Lacson: When you entered this, as I have said in the beginning of this program, giving you responsibilities and challenge that it is hard to say I quit.

Daniel Razon: So that’s one of the things to have take into consideration if in case, 2016 arrived, the challenge is for you to try..

Ping Lacson: I don’t know what to say … but if you are to ask as of this moment … it is really tiring.

Daniel Razon: But it is more tiring when you are about to work on it.

Ping Lacson: That is the challenge. When you see their situation, you will be touched. I watched on television, I have friends who had lost their families, lost their relatives, lost a friend … that will touch you. That is why I had managed to send some to a friend and don’t tell anyone whom it is from. I just know that I had send some.

Daniel Razon: If by chance, would you want to enter the DILG?

Ping Lacson: Mar Roxas is there.

Daniel Razon: Is there by chance of you returning …

Ping Lacson: For now, there is none. I am already full time and the rehabilitation, I asked them if it is doable within the period of the term, they said that it is doable but needs full force. Presently, we are already full up to June 2016th.

Daniel Razon: You have been a candid per son. As you have seen, even if you are not in the DILG, watching how it progresses, are you happy the way Mar Roxas handling the DILG?

Ping Lacson: That is an intrigue.

Daniel Razon: No, I mean …

Ping Lacson: You know, there are questions better left unanswered. When I refuse to answer you might say …

Daniel Razon: Because if your answer is good …

Ping Lacson: Just as I have thought. I know what’s next if I would refuse to answer. You would say that “silence mean …

Daniel Razon: Not really. We can give idea to where there are things that needs to be improved. What aspect to improve?

Ping Lacson: Let’s put it in this way. All administration, all leadership of whom during my  time as chief of PNP, there is room for improvement.

Daniel Razon: I will lay down things senator. Let’s just say “rehabilitation czar and DILG” if you were to choose and you have another chance, what would you choose between the two?

Ping Lacson: I’ll be more at home in peace and order in law enforcement. But this is more challenging. If I were to choose, I would stay, I would take full responsibility in this one. This bigger challenge.

Daniel Razon: Well if there is one thing that you would like to tell people who are listening … watching right now and to the Filipino people that you think you haven’t still said in your privilege speech? Things inside you as a human being not as a senator … not as a PNP chief, what will that be?

Ping Lacson: Well this is the time to uplift our country. We are really far from what … I don’t think that I have said this but it is culture and tradition of the Filipinos.  It should be changed. It is better to be observant, not destructive.

Daniel Razon: That is magnificent. Be observant, not destructive.

Ping Lacson:  That is right. 



[Testimony of a brother that Lioncrypt intended to use to back up his own lies in Net54 and other forums controlled by the Iglesia ni Cristo. “No, I pray to God that I will never follow you to where you went,” Rico Fernandez laughs with scorn. Lioncrypt appeared selling information. Find out who benefits most from the disinformation attempted by Lioncrypt. This is the transcript for Video II. In Video III, the identity is uncovered.]

RICO FERNANDEZ: Nung dumating ako sa Iglesia, ang dinatnan kong nag-aasikaso ng mga dokumento, si Sis. Len Manabat, si Bro. Jimboy Batak, si Bro. Bien Vineles, si Willie Santiago at tsaka si Jocelyn Pamintuan. Pero nung natira lang ako ng Apalit nung magsimulang magkaroon ng OIC noong May 1993. Kaya ako natira sa Apalit, hindi dahil sa records. Kaya ako natira sa Apalit dahil kelangan ng mag-aasikaso ng mga pagpapadala ng sulat sa mga kapatid sa abroad. Pagpapadala ng mga sualt, pagpapadala ng mga tape para masustinihan yung pangngailangang ispiritwal ng mga kapatid sa abroad. Hindi ang pangunahing tungkulin ko sa Iglesia kaya ako natira sa Apalit ay para mag asikaso ng records ng Iglesia dahil nung panahon na yon, meron ng sistemang pinaiiral noon sa records na mismong si Bro. Eli at si Bro. Boy Dimalanta ang nakakaalam.

Ngayon, nang matira ako sa Apalit, dahil katulong na rin ako sa pagmamantine ng ibang mga dokumento sa Apalit, ang kasunod na nabigay sa akin na tungkulin non, mag ayos ng mga reperensiya. Yung mga binabasa ni Bro. Eli na National Geographics, yung mga reperensiya ng ginagamit sa diskusyon, yun ang medyo yun ang mayor parte ng mga dokumentong inaasikaso namin. Hindi pa naming inaasikaso noon yung mga papel ng mga kapatid na mga nabawtismuhan. Ngayon, ang nag aasikaso non ay si Bro. Boy Dimalanta nung mga nababautismuhan dahil noon, hindi pa masyadong maraming mga kapatid ang talaan ng mga kapatid, nasa logbook na galing sa SEC na kulay blue. Lahat ng kapatid na nabawtismuhan nung panahon na mangasiwa na si Bro. Eli, nagkaroon na tayo ng establisadong pangalan sa SEC, lahat ng kapatid nakalista doon sa log book. Sa log book na isina submit natin sa SEC pagka mapupuno na siya, tapos magrerequest na tayo ng bagong log book kaya meron tayong kompletong listahan ng mga kapatid nung panahon na iyon. Meron ng maayos.

Ngayon komo dumarami yung mga kapatid, noon pa lang kami nagsimula na gumawa ng biodata. Kasi hindi naman namin masyadong pinapansin noon dahil nung panahon na iyon, maliit pa lang yung pasalamatan, halos lahat ng kakapatid magkakakilala. Magkakasalubong ka sa daan, kilala mo lahat nung kapatid kaya nga pag may absent na kapatid alam mo agad na absent. Bakit? Hindi mo kasi siya nakita nung araw na iyon. Ganon ang kapatid noon kasi hindi pa naman kami masyadong marami nung panahon na iyon. 1990’s hanggang 1995. Dumami lang ang kapatid na nagsimulang dumami, nung bago tayo lumipat dito sa bagong pasalamatan. Dito sa Sampalok sa bagong pasalamatan , mga 1996 yon. Nung mga panahon na iyon na mga 1996, meron na rin kaming maayos na dokumento noon ng mga biodata ng mga kapatid. Kasi, nagsisimula ng magkaroon ng kaayusan sa mga local. Naglagay na ng mga sekretarya, naglagay na ng mga presidente ng local at sila na ang nagsa submit ng report para masustinihan yung mga pangangailangan ng kapatid at tsaka ma monitor yung mga kapatid na dumadalo.

Kaya as early as 1990..1994, ah..hanggang noong tumigil na ako sa pag aasikaso ng mga dokumento ng mga 1999, meron na tayong kompletong talaan ng kapatid, namo monitor ang mga kapatid na dumadalo, namomonitor ang kapatid na hindi dumadalo, meron na tayo nun. Meron na tayong biodatang hawak noon as early as 1994 kasi kami na ang gumawa ng mga biodata noon, bukod doon sa sa mga pinipirmahan ng kapatid sa baustismo, yun nga yung log book na galing sa SEC. Tapos nung talagang dumadami na ng dumadami yung mga kapatid paglipat natin ng 1996, nagsimula na tayong magkaroon ng tracking para sa mga kapatid na gumawa ng bagong biodata.

Naging computerized na tayo paglipat natin dito sa bagong pasalamatan. At nagkaroon na rin no’n ng AMS. Nagkaroon ng AMS kung saan sa pamamagitan ng computer, na sa pamamagitan ng technology, mabilis na naita transmit dito sa central yung attendance ng mga kapatid yung talaan ng mga kapatid na dumalo atsaka maging nung bago tayo magkaroon ng ganong computerized na sistema, meron na rin noong listahan ng attendance sa mga local kaya hindi pwedeng sabihin na yung mga kapatid nawawaglit na hindi dumadalo.

Hindi totoo yon, kasi noon, as early as noong panahon na iyon, si Bro. Eli, ang pagsiskap niyang maipon ang mga kapatid, e, mukha ngang mas matindi pa noon kesa ngayon. Bakit? Kasi noong panahon na iyon, halos lahat ng kapatid kilala niya. Pag merong kapatid na hindi niya nakita sa pasalamat, itatanong niya agad kung bakit di dumadalo yung kapatid. Siya mismo personal niya, inaalam niya bakit yung kapatid wala ba’t di niya nakita. At malalaman niya at malalaman niya kung bakit yung kapatid hindi dumalo.

Kaya nga masasabi ko noong mga panahon na iyon na nakikilala niya lahat ng kapatid na dumadalo, mas ano nga non e..mas..maayos yung pagmamantine noon sa mga kapatid hindi kagaya ngayon, sa dami na ng mga kapatid na hindi mo na nakikita, maaaring meron na ngang nawawaglit na hindi na napapansin na hindi na dumadalo. Pero nung panahon na iyon nung si Bro. Eli pa ang nandito sa Pilipinas, lahat ng kapatid nyo namomonitor noong mga panahong iyon na ako ang naghahawak ng records noon, pagkatapos, ang iba pang nakatulong ko sa records si Bro. Robin Salonga at si Sis. Odinah Dungo at yung isang kapatid na Shiela na taga Bulacan. Sila ang natatandaan ko, sila lang yung mga kapatid na nakatulong ko sa records.

At wala akong natatandaan na kapatid na mag asawa na nakatulong ko sa record. Bakit? Kasi kami sa records noon, kaya kami pumupunta sa Apalit noon para mag asikaso ng papel voluntary ‘yon.

Wala kaming inaasahan na sweldo doon na kaya kami titira doon para sa sweldo -hindi. Boluntaryo yun, kaya karamihan ng mga katulong ko noon sa record, puro kabataan at bagaman ganon, si Bro. Eli, hindi niya pinababayaan yung mga katulong niya na walang allowance. Linggo linggo yun, binibigyan niya kami lahat ng allowance noon. Ang nagbibigay sa amin ng allowance noon noong wala pa si Bro. Alex Adora—yung kasama niya ngayon, si Bro. Mario Yunto, siya yung taga pagbigay ni Bro. Eli noon, sila yung nag a..nag a allot noon sa mga tao. Tapos inaabot yun sa isa, lahat binibigyan kaya walang nawawaglit noon kasi namomonitor na namin yon dun sa mga pinagbibigyan ng allowance na pinabibigay ni Bro. Eli.

Kaya hindi totoo na yung mga katulong sa records at tsaka pag aasikaso sa mga dokumento e..hindi nabibigyan ng kahit panggastos linggo linggo dahil wala naman talaga kaming inaasahang sweldo no’n. Tapos, ang mga records na inasikaso ko noon na ipinagtiwala sa akin ni Bro. Eli, unang una yung mga reperensiya na ginagamit sa diskusyon, yung mga ginagamit sa tv. Siyempre nagre research kami, yun ang inipon ko yun yung ginawa naming library yon.

Pagkatapos noon, yung mga logbook na isina submit sa SEC yun ang inaasikaso ko rin noon. Pagkatapos noon, yung mga sulat nung mga nakikinig sa radyo at yung mga nanonood noon sa noon sa tv, kami rin ang nag ayos non. Pagkatapos noon, nagsimula na kaming gumawa ng biodata para yung kapatid, lalong ma monitor kasi simula 1993..mula 1993 pataas, nagsimula ng dumami yung kapatid at para maasikaso lahat, unti-unti, inaayos na yung sistema para sa talaan ng mga kapatid. Pagkatapos no’n, kami rin yung mga nagpapadala ng mga teksto para sa abroad, kami rin yung nagpapadala ng mga tekso para sa abroad para yung mga kapatid naman, hindi naman sila..ah..lumipas yung panahon na wala silang nakikinig na aral at saka sila yung nakikipag communicate mismo kay Bro. Eli sa sulat. Ipinadadala lang namin.

Pagkatapos nun, nung mga bandang 1996..97, pataas, 96..97, nakatulong ko na ang..naging papel ko naman sa iglesia noon, pinagtiwala sa akin ni Bro. Eli yung pag aasikaso naman ng dokumento sa lupa. Dokumento naman sa lupa ang inaasikaso ko noon. Hindi na ako masyadong nag aasikaso noon ng mga dokumento ng talaan ng mga kapatid ng mga 1997..98, kasi ang inaasikaso ko na noon, dokumento sa lupa, pagbabayad ng buwis sa Apalit at tsaka nung pagbabayad ng buwis sa ibang mga lugar, yun ang inaasikaso ko noon at tsaka isisnasama ako ni Bro. Eli noon, nakikipag usap kami noon doon sa mga financer na nagbibigay ng loan sa kanya sa banko, sa mga personal na tao, dun sa kompanya dun nga sa nahiraman natin ng pera noon don sa…Tarlac, yung may ari ng MS, may ari ng MS Commercial, yun, kasama rin ako nun. Kaya simula noon, hindi ko na masyadong tinututukan noon yung ah..dokumento ng mga kapatid. Meron ng ibang na assign doon, yun nga yung gumawa ng AMS, sila na yung nag computerize simula ng malipat tayo sa bagong pasalamatan nung 2000…1990…1990..6.

Yun, simula 1997 pataas hanggang 2000 hanggang ako’y mag asawa, ang inaasikaso ko na noon yun ngang papel sa lupa, papel sa loan—yun ang inaasikaso ko na nung panahon na iyon. At saka yung ibang mga dokumento na isina submit sa SEC, mga legal na mga dokumento natin, yun ina-assign sa akin. Kaya yung sinasabi nung..nagpapakunwari na dito sa binigay na report, meron daw..meron na naninira kay Bro. Eli, ang ipinapakalat na pangalan niya “Lioncrypt,” ang code niya, Lioncrypt” na sinasabi niya rito, ah…napansin ko lang dito, ito sa mga sinulat niya, ang una, sabi niya rito, siya raw ay mahigit na sampung taong kapatid sa iglesia.

Sampung taong kapatid sa sinasabi niya rito, may asawa siya, yun ang sabi niya, kaya lang napansin ko rito sa ginawa niya dun sa may bandang huli, meron section dito na sinabi niya, kasi nung sinasabi niya na naanib daw siya sa Iglesia ng Dios na pinangungunahan ni Bro. Eli, may asawa na siya dito, pero dito sa claim niya, na siya rin ang nagsulat, dito sa claim niya, as early as seven years old, as early as seven years old, e..ito dito sa nilagyan niya na pag-anib sa Iglesia ni Cristo na nakalagay dito na as early as seven years old, nagka-interes na raw siya sa pagbabasa ng Biblia.

Tapos as early as five years old, nakalagay dito, eto..basahin ko yung sinabi niya dito.. “una akong nagka interes sa Biblia noong ako ay pitong taong gulang pa lamang, pero di ako..ano?…pero di ko maintindihan kaya mga drawing lang ang kinatutuwaan ko, subalit nong mapanood ko ang Iglesia ni Cristo noong panahong yaon, ibig sabihin, seven years old pa lang siya, nanonod na siya ng Iglesia ni Manalo..Iglesia ni Cristo ni Manalo. Sabi niya rito, tandang tanda ko pa ang sabi ng ministro sa tv..ibig sabihin, as early as seven years old, e, natatandaan niya na yung sinasabi nung ministro sa TV nung Iglesia ni Manalo.

Sabi rito, kapag daw ang paniniwalang pang relihiyon ay walang batayan sa biblia dapat itakwil. Isipin mo natatandaan niya yun nung seven years old siya. Ilang taon na kaya siya ngayon? Sabi niya rito, tiningnan ko sa bibliang dala ko, nakasulat nga, isipin mo, seven years old pa lang siya, marunong na siyang magbasa ng bibia? E di ba yung seven years old, grade one yun, kung di ako nagkakamali?

Ano bang itinuturo sa grade one? Yun bang grade one marunong ng magbasa ng bib..marunong na agad magbasa? Mukhang imposible yun! Kwento lang yung ginagawa niya. Kasi as early as seven years old, nabasa na niya ang biblia na ang sabi niya hindi raw niya maintindihan nung una, pero ng marinig daw niya yung ministro, e, binasa raw niya sa biblia at nakasulat raw pala sa biblia yung sinabi ng ministro. Dito pa lang makikita na ginawa gawa niya lang ito. Tapos, ang sabi pa niya rito, a..komo raw nabasa niya yun, ang sabi niya, tiningnan ko sa bibliang dala ko, nakasulat nga, kaya nalaman ko na ang pagrorosaryo ay wala sa biblia kaya dapat itakwil. Isipin mo as early as seven years old, naiintindihan nya na iyon na ang pag-rorosaryo daw e wala sa biblia e samantalang yung..yung seven years old, grade one po ‘yon. Dapat nating tandaan.

Tapos ang sabi pa niya dito, ah, di, sabi pa niya dito, as early as seven years old, ang pagrorosaryo daw, wala sa biblia kaya dapat itakwil. Tapos sabi rito, komo grade five pa lang ako noon, isipin mo years old pa lamang siya, grade five na siya. Para yatang (Laughs) wala sa..wala sa hulog ‘yong gumawa nito. Sabi rito, seven years old siya nung mapanood niya yun sa TV yung iglesia ni Manalo. Tapos nung seven years old siya, nakinig niya, narinig daw niya yung sinabi ng ministro na kapag walang batayan sa biblia, dapat itakwil kaya nalaman niya na ang pagrorosaryo ay wala sa biblia. Tapos sabi rin niya kasunod, komo grade five pa lang ako noon, meron po ba kayong natata..Meron po ba kayong kakilalang grade five, seven years old? Parang imposible yun sapagkat (Laughs).

Oo. Grade five, seven years old nung mga panahon na iyon. Nung panahon po na iyon, kung ito e ka edad ko, nung panahon na iyon nung nag aaral ako, wala pa noong kinder. Ang pagpasok talaga noon ng grade one, six-and-a-half years old tsaka seven years old – grade one yun. Para ka maging grade five, dapat atleast plus four years, kasi grade one ka, seven, dapat mga ten o eleven years old ka na. Pero sabi niya rito, seven years old daw siya, grade five siya. Kasi sabi niya komo grade five pa lang ako noon, hindi ko alam kung paano sumamba sa Iglesia ni Cristo. Bagaman, napakalapit ng local doon sa pinapasukan kong eskwelahan. Isipin mo, grade five pa lang ito, gusto ng sumamba sa Iglesia ni Cristo! Matindi ‘to!

Ito. Nahadlangan pa ..ano, nahadlangan pa ako ng magulang ko. Yan ang pinagsisisihan ko sa buhay ko – na hindi agad ako naanib sa Iglesia ni Cristo. Ibig sabihin, dito sa punto ng pananalita niya, e grade five pa lang pala, e, tumatanggap na sila ng kaanib sa Iglesia ni Cristo. Kasi kung hindi siya hinadlangan ng magulang niya, e, as early as grade five, e, Iglesia na ni Manalo na siya. Yun ang sinasabi niya rito. Hindi niya naiiintindihan yung sinusulat niya!

Kasi, sabi dito, grade five pa lang daw siya, pinigilan lang siya ng magulang niya, pero pinagsisisihan daw niya dahil dapat nung mga panahon na iyon dapa kaanib na siya sa Iglesia ni Manalo. Ibig sabihin, kaya ko po sinasabi ito, kasi, ahm..marami siyang paninirang sinasabi kay Bro. Eli na komo ang records daw noon, e, binabanggit pa niya yung pangalan ko, sabi niya dun sa ginawa niya..ang ginawa niyang paninira kay Bro. Eli, ahm..nakausap ko daw siya, at pati daw yung asawa niya nagkaroon ng access sa record, na meron siyang binabanggit dito na..teka ha. Tingnan ko yung mga binabanggit niya tungkol sa akin dito.. sabi niya nakausap ko raw siya. At sa halip daw na ibigay ko yung hinihingi niyang records, e ako pa raw ang nagpatulong sa kanya para ayusin ang records ng iglesia. Parang imposible yata yun!

Bakit? E kasi yung panahong maghawak ako ng records ng iglesia, konti pa lang ang kapatid noon. At tsaka marami na kaming nag-aayos ng records ng iglesia bukod pa nung dinatnan ko, may sistema na record ng iglesia. Hindi na kailangang ayusin ng iba. Kailangan lang na ipagpatuloy yung records na existing na at tsaka dagdagan yung biodata dahil siyempre, nadadagdagan yung kapatid, dumadami yung records.

Pero para sabihin na wala raw record ang iglesia. Bakit nakita ba niya lahat ang records ng iglesia? Baka kung makikita niya lahat ng records ng iglesia, e, hindi kakasya sa isang kwarto. Ang library naming noon, alam nyo po kung gaano kalaki?
Ang library lang namin noon, na masasabi mong yun ang hawak naming records, maliit na kwarto lang siya e. Siguro..dalawa nito ang laki (demonstrating the room).

Ganyan kalaki mga..ang mga..ang ..siguro..mga..tatlong 3 x 3 na dipa. Mga three by three meteres ang laki noon na ang books..ang shelves lang noon, dalawang magkasangang shelves na ganun. Siguro, pag may nakita akong pictures na doon sa mga records namin, tingnan ko, magdadala ako ng pictures nung..may ano, pictures kami noon eh. Yung mismong library namin e, na ang laman lang noong record..record room namin na iyon, karamihan noon mga magazine, librong ginagamit sa diskusyon, kasi para magdidskusyon si Bro. Eli, hindi na hahagilapin kung saan-saan, yun ang inipon namin. Tapos ang record ng mga kapatid noon komo konti pa lang, isang logbook pa lang ang hawak naming nun, andun na lahat ng pangalan ng kapatid. Anong aayusin naming record dun e, isang logbook pa nga lang, andun na lahat ng kapatid? (Laughs). Kaya hindi totoo yung sinsabi nito na wala daw record ang iglesia.

Magulo daw ang record ng iglesia..walang record. Ano kayang magulo dun, e isang logbook nga lang andun na lahat yung pangalan ng mga kapatid? At yung record na ‘yan, alam ko, existing yun, nandun yun sa ADDCIT kung gusto ninyo makita na logbook na ‘yon, pwede nyong makita yon sa ADDCIT, pwede nyong hiramin yun. Pwede nyong ipakita yung logbook na iyon. May tatak yon ng SEC sa harap, tapos makikita nyo yon, isang makapal na logbook na..yung ordinaryong logbook lang siya. Ang kulay..ang kulay niya..light blue. Record book siya. Ayun! Record book. May tatak lang siya ng SEC sa harap, yun na nandun na lahat yung mga listahan ng mga kapatid nung panahon na ‘yon. Kaya walang kailangang ayusin.

Ngayon, ang maaaring sinasabi niyang magulo, kasi yung mga local, nagsisimula pa lang mag ayos, noon pa lang nagtalaga ng mga secretary.. noon pa lang nagtalaga ng mga presidente ng local dahil noon pa lang dumadami yung mga kapatid sa mga local noon. Noon pa lang nag-aayos. Pero, para sabihing wala raw records ang iglesia, imposible ‘yun! Simula 1980, meron na tayong maayos na record na nakatala sa SEC. Bakit? Nun pa lang 1990, si Bro. Eli mismo yung nag aayos ng pagsa-submit ng mga dokumento dun sa SEC. Yung General Information Sheet natin. Meron na tayong record nun. Tapos yung talaan ng mga kapatid na isina-submit sa SEC, si Bro. Eli mismo ang nag-aayos nung mga panahon na iyon kasi, siya yung nakakaalam nun. Wala pa siyang masyadong gaanong kasama noon na nakapaglalakad noon. Siya mismo ang nag-aayos nun sa SEC. Kaya hindi totoo na wala tayong mga maayos na record nun at wala raw tayong record. Kung wala tayong record, e, wala na tayo ngayon siguro, kung totoo yun.

Pero sa totoo niyan, ako, aaminin ko, ang nahawakan kong record ng iglesia, wala pang one fourth. Wala pa. Kaya kung totoo ang sinasabi niyang nakilala niya ako, nakasama niya ako, ang nahawakan at nakita niyang record, mas marami yung nakita ko, pero ang nakita ko, wala pang one fourth. E, ano yung sinasabi niya kaya doong walang record? Wala daw record ang iglesia? Siyempre, ang major parte ng record ng iglesia, lalo na yung mga testimonya ng mga kapatid, yung mga pagtatapat ng kapatid na mga personal, at tsaka yung mga maseselang mga dokumento ng iglesia, hindi naman yun ipinapahawak sa kahit sino yun e. Hindi inilalabas yun dun sa talagang lalagyan.

At ang nakakaalam lang noon, at ang may access lang doon, dalawang tao lang ang sa nalalaman ko: si Bro. Boy Dimalanta at tsaka si Bro. Eli mismo. Kahit ako, wala akong access dun sa talagang mga record na iyon. Wala. Nagkakaroon lang ako..nakikita ko lang iyon pagka sasabihin ni Bro. Eli, o, kunin mo ‘yung ganito, kasi dadalhin natin, meron tayong lalakarin. ‘yon hahawakan ko lang. Pagkatapos nun, ibabalik ko din sa kanya kasi siya ang nagtatago nun. Yun ang totoo dyan. Tapos yung sinasabi pa niya rito, na..wala daw sweldo, kaya raw di maayos yung record, kasi, wala raw empleyado na may sweldo. Yun ang sabi niya rito. Eh, imposible nga pong mangyari yun e. Bakit po? E, hindin naman kami pumunta roon para tumulong sa iglesia para manghingi ng sweldo! Dahil alam namin, nung una pa man, nung bago pa man kami maanib sa iglesia, kaya kami nag-iglesia para magsakripisyo.

Ang ipinasok naming sa iglesia ay kaligtasan at ang kasama nung kaligtasan ay pagsasakripisyo. Noong panahon na iyon, yung mga nakakasama ko sa records noon, yung iba roon, may mga trabaho ng mga sarili, kaya hindi nangangailangan ng sweldo. Pero bagaman ganoon, si Bro. Eli, tinitiyak niya na linggo linggo, merong allowance na nabibigay dun sa mga taong katulong niya. Hindi niya pinababayaan yun. At hanggang ngayon, yun pa rin ang ginagawa ni Bro.Eli. Lahat ng katulong niya, meron yang ibinibigay siya dyang panggastos, dun sa pangangailangang personal. Hindi niya pinababayaan ‘yun.

Tapos bukod pa diyan, ahm..sinasabi niya rito, mag-asawa raw sila na may access sa record. Yung asawa nya raw, sa dibisyon. Sa dibisyon. Tapos ang isa pang katakatakang nakita ko rito, sabi niya,a..sampung taon daw siyang kaanib sa iglesia. Naging division officer, napunta sa records, napunta sa ADDPro, napunta sa PSG, napunta sa CIS, napunta sa LPG. Ang ipinagtataka ko rito, sa tanda ko po sa iglesia, para po sa kaalaman nyo, ako po ay mahigit dalawampung taon na sa iglesia. Ngayon mga dalawamput dalawa, magdadalawaput tatlo na dahil 1990 ako nabawtismuhan. Pero wala po akong samahan sa iglesia na LPG. Wala nun. (Giggles). Ang alam ko, merong PSG. Lately na lang yung PSG tsaka yung CIS eh. Lately na lang yun eh. Ah, yung ADDPro, alam ko, meron nun. Yung division officer, kailan lang yung division officer nung magkaroon na ng mga division, pero wala pa rin nun, kasi dati, ang unang may hawak sa mga division, wala pang division officer, ang mga may hawak diyan ay yung mga OIC. Siya yung pinaka division officer ng mga division.

Kelan lang din yung mga division officer. Pero ang pinagtataka ko talaga dito yung LPG. Kahit kalian sa kasaysayan ng iglesia simula ng maanib ako, walang samahan sa iglesia na tinatawag na LPG. Ang kahulugan daw nung LPG niya dito e, Loyal Presidential Guard. Loyal Presidential Guard, para bang merong hindi loyal na presidential guard (Giggles). Kaya yun ang isa, ano yun.. hindi totoo yun na merong ganong samahan.

Tapos kung meron na siyang sampung taon na siyang kaanib sa iglesia, pinagdaanan niya raw yung posisyon na ito. Parang nakakapagtaka, division officer, naging record, naging ADDPro, naging PSG, naging LPG, naging CIS. Imposible ito. Hindi laha..hindi ito totoo. Tapos sabi pa niya rito, naging part pa raw siya ng Dalaw Tupa at ang binabanggit pa niya dito, yung pangalan ng kapatid ni Bro. Eli, si Bro. Narcing Soriano sa Oplan Dalaw Tupa, si Bro. Narcing po, hindi naman siya nagdalaw tupa. Kung nagdalaw tupa man siya, siguro siya ang makakasagot nito. Hindi naman siya nag Dalaw-Tupa sa Pampanga . Hindi.

Kung sa Pampanga siya nakatira, tapos nagdadalaw..nagdadalaw..nag Oplan Dalaw Tupa siya, e yung Oplan Dalaw Tupa, e kelan lang lang rin yun e. Yung mga panahon na iyon, wala namang Dalaw Tupa e. Wala. Kasi nga ang kapatid noon, lingap lahat. Kung meron mang mga kapatid na hindi dumadalo, hindi Oplan Dalaw Tupa noon. Wala pang oplan dalaw tupa noon..noong panahon na iyon. Tapos sabi nyo rito, ang claim niya, pag daw member ka, kapag member ka daw, halimbawa, ng sa dibisyon, automatic, member ka na rin ng mga sensitive group na kahit na walang training? Imposible yun. Bakit po?

Bago po maging member ng mga maseselang group, ng grupo sa iglesia, dumadaan po iyan sa pag-susuri. Una, inaalam yung background niyan. Ang namamahala po dyan sa sa pagpili kung sino ang magiging member, hindi naman basta kung sino lang. Ang namamahala po diyan, si Bro. Rick Erese. Si Bro. Rick Erese po, mataas ang rango sa pagka pulis. Hindi naman siya pag..a..pulis na tulog sa pansitan na kahit sino na lang pipiliin. Hindi po. Kaya yung sinasbi niyang member agad ng sensitive group kahit walang training, imposible po ‘yon. Bakit? Kasi alam ko kung saan sila nag ti- training eh. Papanong walang training eh..bago sila mapili, magdadaan muna sila sa training. Siyempre, tuturuan sila ng mga basics. Tuturuan sila ng kung ano ang dapat nilang gawin. Hindi po totoo yun na wala pong training at automatic, kasama agad sa sensitive group. Eh, bakit pa tinawag na sensitive group kung lahat naman pala pwedeng sumali? Parang wala, wala sa logic yun.

Tapos sabi pa po niya rito, ito..ito ang isang talagang halatang halata na may nagtuturo sa kanya nito. Sabi niya rito, ang claim daw ng maraming mga nanlamig sa iglesia, at umalis sa organisasyon dahil daw sa maling turo. Maglitaw siya ng isa—kahit isa lang na umalis sa iglesia ng dahil sa maling turo. Sige. Maglitaw siya ng isa. Kasi ito, hindi ito totoo. Hindi totoo. Maaari, ang isa kaya humiwalay sa iglesia, ano lang naman yan e, dalawa lang yan e. Ang isang dating kaanib sa iglesia, unang-una, may ginawang mali. May ginawa siyang masama na naging dahilan kaya siya nahiwalay siya sa iglesia. Halimbawa, kagaya ni Bernardo Santiago, si Bernardo Santiago, kasabay kong nabawtismuhan noong March 30, 1990 kaya kilala ko yan. Kilala ko talaga yung ugali niyan, niyang tao na ‘yan. Kaya nahiwalay sa iglesia yan, may ginawang mali, di ba? Yung mga nakasama niyang nagpunta roon, si Daniel Veridiano – si Puto.

Ba’t ba nahiwalay sa iglesia? Dahil ba sa maling aral? Hindi! Dahil nadiskubre yung ginagawa niyang mali kaya siya nahiwalay. At kasama pa nung mga iba, kaya sila nahiwalay, alin man sa gumawa sila ng mali, o kaya ipinadala sila ng Iglesia ni Cristo, tapos kunwari, hihiwalay sila. Yun lang ang dahilan nun. Pero para sabihin na dahil sa maling turo, sige, maglitaw kayo ng makakapag..makakatindig diyan na humiwalay dahil sa maling turo. Iyan, may nagsabi lang sa kanila niyan, kaya isinulat iyan. Tapos sabi pa rito, sabi rito, mas marami daw yung lumalabas sa iglesia kesa sa pumapasok. Ito, isa pa rin itong imposible. Mas-marami daw yung lumalabas sa iglesia kesa sa pumapasok. Ako po, may hawak ako na talaan ng mga kapatid ng mga panahon na iyon. May nahawak ako nun.

At pwede kong ipakita sa inyo ang survey kung gaano karami yung lumalabas at kung gaanong karami yung pumapasok. Kaya nga po lumipat tayo nung 1996 dito sa Convention Center dito sa Sampalok kasi hindi na tayo kasya dun sa dating pinag-gaganapan. Paanong mangyayaring mas marami yung umaalis kesa sa pumapasok. At ang marami ngayon, makikita nyo po, kung meron mang lumalabas sa iglesia, meron mang tumitigil, ilan lang yun. Kaprasong kapraso yun kumpara dun sa pumapasok. At iyan naman, hindi naman kailangan ng ipagtanong ‘yan. Ang samahan ng iglesia ngayon, laganap na tayo ngayon sa buong mundo. Karamihan ng mga bansa, meron tayong programa.

Merong mga kapatid na sumusulat, na gustong sumama sa pagsasama samang pinamumunuan ni Bro. Eli. Kaya ito, gawa gawa naman ito. Ito. Isa pa rito, ay itong araw. ‘Yung record daw ng mga kapatid, magulo daw—ang record ng mga kapatid. Sabi ko nga sa inyo kanina. Paano magiging magulo, eh nung hawakan ko yung record ng iglesia e, isang logbook pa lang, kasya na yung mga kapatid. Kasya na lahat dun.

Papano magiging magulo ‘yon? Kahit pagbali-baliktarin mo yung logbook na iyon, hindi siya magiging magulo. Kasi, nagsimula lang naman tayong dumami ng dumami at kahit nung dumami na tayo, e, kalooban ng Dios na nung panahon na dadami na tayo, sumikat na yung internet eh. Bakit? Alam ng Dios kelangan natin yun. Kelangan natin ang internet para ma maintain yung record nung mga kapatid at nagamit naman natin.# (Please read Video III for continuation)

Interview with RICO FERNANDEZ

[Daniel Veridiano was published as “Sick Man in need of Financial Aid” in the Philippine Daily Inquirer on September 2011. Although Puto had transferred to the Iglesia ni Cristo that is known to be rich and influential (Puto was excommunicated from the Ang Dating Daan or MCGI in 2005), it was clear he was in dire straits because he had openly asked for donations from the public. At the same time, lies were posted on Social Networking sites about Ang Dating Daan or the church organization by one codenamed “Lioncrypt” or Vicfiles, pretending to know some secrets, with the objective of proselytizing members from ADD to the Iglesia ni Cristo. However, the lies were blatant, an overkill, and a desperate attempt to perhaps earn something from the Iglesia ni Cristo whom the lies favored. We had interviewed the man he kept mentioning (Rico Fernandez) and he was able to identify the source of such lies due to some signatures or imprints shown in things mentioned. This is the 3rd part.](Video III)

RICO FERNANDEZ: Tapos isa pa rito, isa pa pong napansin ko sa mga nirereport niya ritong ulat, nung kapatid na siya dito sa iglesia, naghahanap raw sila ng papasukang pag-aaralan. Eh, napunta raw sila dun sa Diliman, eh, sabi raw nila, subukan nilang pumasok doon sa Iglesia ni Manalo, dun sa kapilya. Pinakita raw nila yung ID, pinapasok sila, tapos, nakauwi naman daw sila ng maayos na walang nangyari sa kanila. Hindi na ako magtataka do’n—papapasukin sila, pauuwiin silang maayos. Bakit po? E sinasabi pa niya,e, grade five pa nga lang at seven years old pa lang talagang tagasunod na siya ng iglesia ni Manalo, e. ibig sabihin, nung panahon na iyon, marami na siyang kilala dun, paanong hindi siya papapasukin at hndi siya palalabasin? Eh, siya mismo ang nagsasabi. Grade..grade..five pa lang siya, seven years old pa lang siya e, tagasunod na siya ni Manalo, o..kaya..tapos sasabihin niya medaling pumasok doon at lumabas..hindi po totoo iyon. Hindi totoo ‘yon. Pero dito nyo gawin sa amin ‘yon, makakapaglabas masok kayo kahit wala kayong ID, makakapasok kayo ng maayos, makakakain pa kayo ng meryenda, makakauwi kayo ng maayos. Minsan nga, ihahatid pa kayo pag wala kayong sasakyan. At yung iba pa nga, minsan, yung pamasahe nila, sinasagot ni Bro. Eli. O, ganyan. Pero yung sinasabi niya na dun daw sa pagpasok New Era tsaka dun sa kapilya ng Iglesia ni Manalo, madali? Paanong hindi magiging madali sa kanya eh talagang kilala siya nung mga iyon kaya madali sa kanya iyon. ‘Yon.

Tapos sabi pa rito, pinalilitaw niya rito, ahm..wala daw death threat kay Bro. Eli kaya raw, ah..nang mag-organize daw sila ng debate, wala daw totoong death threat kay Bro. Eli. Hindi po totoo yun. Bakit po? Kasi po as early as mga 1990..1994,nung matira na ako sa Apalit, si Bro. Eli, pinadadalhan na ng death threat noon pa lang. Ang isang death threat na pinapadala sa kanya, nagpadala ng sobre, merong ribbon ng itim sa loob. Death threat talaga siya na talagang nung pa mang mga panahon na iyon, marami na talagang gustong puminsala kay Bro. Eli. Kaya hindi totoo ito. Kasi, yung mga record ng mga death threat komo may hawak ako dun sa mga records, meron din akong mga alam na talagang may mga alam doon na death threats,minsan, may mga pinadadala dun kay Bro. Eli na kung sa iyo ipadadala, pag hindi nanindig lahat ng balahibo mo pag sa iyo pinadala iyon.

Tapos, eto isa. Sabi niya rito, heto yung verbatim niya: eto, sabi niya dito, sa mga panahong yaon daw, sabi niya, nagtapat ako kay Rico Fernandez. Sinabi ko ang mga sinabi ni Marcos. Si Marcos Mataro. Sinabi ko rin na dapat may tumutok na empleyadong sweldohan sa gayong uri ng trabaho. Hindi pwedeng maayos ang gayong mga bagay ng puro ganito na lang. Ahh.. na tulad nating walang sweldo. Tanong? Nakasama ba talaga kita sa record. Ba’t sinasabi mong natin? Kasama ba talaga kita? Sabi ko raw, sabi raw ni Rico, yan ang problema, di uso dito ang may sweldo. Kaya para mo na ring sinabi na hindi ito maaayos. Sabi ko, ganun nga, kung hindi magbabago ang sistema, hindi maaayos. Ah..magmula raw noon, tuwing mag uusap raw sila ni Rico, lalong lumalaki ang problema daw ni Rico. Ang mga huli naming pag uusap ay hindi maganda. Parang nagpapahiwatig na malapit na siyang mamatay. Malapit na raw mamatay si Rico (Giggles). Kaya nung umalis ako sa ADD, akala ko, pinapatay na rin nila si Rico Fernandez. Aba! Buhay na buhay pa po ako. (Laughs). May mga sumulpot na mga info sa akin, na buhay pa pala. Aba! Natuwa pa pala na buhay pa ako. Sana makatakas siya ng buhay sa poder ng mag tiyuhing Soriano at Razon.(Giggles) Buhay..buhay na buhay pa po ako. (Giggles) buhay..buhay na buhay pa po ako. Ang sabi niya rito na tuwing daw mag uusap kami, lumalaki ang problema ko. E, papanong..papaano ko masasabing itong sinasabi mong ito’y totoo?

Magpakilala ka kasi kung sino ka. Di ba? Para I claim mo na nagtatapat ako sa iyo ng mga ganitong sinasabi, e.. magpakita ka muna kung sino ka. Bakit? Eh, papano ko sasabihing totoo ito, e hindi nga kita kiala. Nagtatago ka nga. At na..nakita ko nga dito, sa lahat ng mga ipinagsusulat mo dito, lahat ito, ginawa mo lang.

Pinagtagpi-tagpi mo lang at hindi pa nga maayos ang pagkaka tagpi. Bakit? Ang daming butas eh. Ang daming butas ang ipinakikita na hindi totoo lahat ng sinasabi mo rito. ‘Yung unang una, na pitong taon ka lang, nagbabasa ka na ng biblia, at grade five ka na.(giggles) E, unang una pa lang mali na. Bakit, meron bang pitong taong grade five? Tapos, ah..sabi mo no’n, hindi mo maintindihan ang Biblia pero nang binasa mo yung sinabi ng iglesia ni Manalo na pag walang basehan sa biblia, dapat itakwil, maiintindihan mo bigla. O, dun pa lang kitang kita na na kinatha mo lang. tapos yung sinasabi mo rito na lumalaki yung problema ko dahil hindi maayos ang record. E,anun bang record ang aayusin, e, isa nga lang logbook iyon.(Giggles) Imposible yun.

Tapos, sabi mo, ah..nagsabi raw ako sa iyo na ang huling usapan daw natin..e, nagpapahiwatig daw ako na malapit na akong mamatay? Ano naman kaya ang sinabi ko na malapit na akong mamatay? Tapos ang sabi niya, nun daw umalis siya sa ADD..parang pinapatay na rin nila si Rico Fernandez. Aba! Ito e talagang halatang halata na na kinatha mo lang e. Bakit? Buhay ako at makakapagsabi ako, ano, na makakaharap ako kahit kanino na hindi totoo itong sinasabi mo na pinapatay ako at meron akong sinabi na mamatay na ako? Imposible yon! Bakit? Nung nasa iglesia ako, ang paniniwala ko, ang paniniwala ko nung nasa iglesia ako, kahit mamatay ako nung oras na iyon, pwede. Bakit? E, nasa iglesia akong totoo e. maliligtas ako. Yun ang paniniwala ko. Yung sinasabi mong pinapatay nila ako nung umalis ka, imposible yun. Bakit? Dito sa iglesia, hindi pinapatay ang kaanib. Binubuhay. Bakit?

Sa labas ng iglesia, dun pinapatay. Dun sa pinuntahan no diyan sa iglesia ni Manalo, hindi ka pinapatay diyan. Patay ka na diyan. Niluluto ka na diyan. Pero pagka dito sa iglesia, kabaliktaran yung sinasabi mo e. Ang sinasabi mo, pinapatay daw at akala mo patay na. Dito sa loob ng iglesia na pinamumunuan ni Kapatid na Eli at Kapatid na Daniel, dito nga binubuhay. Dito binubuhay ang tao. Hindi lang do’n espiritwal na kalagayan kundi pati dun sa pisikal. Bakit? E, saan ka makakakita nung mangangaral na hindi lang ang malasakit sa iyo yung maligtas ka, pati yung kalusugan mo, pati yung dapat mong kainin, pati yung dapat mong iwasan para makapaglingkod ka ng buong sigla, buong katawan, buong puso, pag-iisip, lahat yun minamalasakit nung mangangaral. Kaya yung sinasabi mo na pinapatay sa iglesia si Rico Fenandez , imposible ito.

Ang mas maganda nito, para masabi mo talagang totoo ito, lumabas ka. Di ba? Magpakita ka. Magpakita ka ng mukha mo. Magbigay ka ng totoong pangalan mo di yung gawa-gawa. At dito sa sasabihin ko, sa natatandaan ko, sa tagal kong humawak ng records sa iglesia nung panahon na iyon, wala akong nakatulong na mag-asawa. Wala. Wala akong nakatulong na mag-asawa. Karamihan ng mga katulong ko noon, binata at tsaka dalaga. Nagsipag-asawa na lang sila nitong mga late 19..2000 na nagsipagasawa lang sila. Pero nung oras na katulong ko sa..sila sa records ng iglesia, walang ano yun..walang..wala pa silang asawa nun. Kaya, kung sinasabi mo na may asawa ka ng katulong kita sa records, imposible yan. Hindi totoo ‘yan. Tapos isa pang napansin ko dito, kilala ko kasi yung isang sinasabi niya rito e. Itong si Ruel Pinyon daw at itong si..Bro. Roy Galang, kilala ko kasi itong dalawang ito. Itong si Bro. Ruel Pinyon at si Bro. Roy Galang, ang sabi niya rito, ito daw dalawang ito, kandidato na maging MIC.

Para sa kaalaman nyo po, yung MIC, kelan lang ‘yon. Kelan lang ginamit yung pangalan na ‘yon. Nung buhay pa si Bro. Ruel Pinyon, ang natatandaan ko OIC pa lang noon. Kandidato silang OIC, pero hindi MIC. Kaya mali nanaman itong sinasabi mo rito. Tapos pati yung pagkamatay ni Bro. Ruel Pinyon idinamay mo pa rito. Hindi naman totoo yung sinasabi mo na na food poisoning sa Apalit. Tapos ang sabi pa rito, ang pinaghihinalaan mo at ang idinidiin mo si Bro. Efren Baquing daw ang namamahala ng pagkain noon, imposible yun! Bakit po. E, kahit kelan hindi namahala ng pagkain sa iglesia si Bro. Efren. Hindi..hindi siya namahala ng pagkain sa iglesia. Ang namamahala ng pagkain sa iglesia pagka may aralan, si Sis Len Manabat at si Sis. Ape, si Sis. Pening—yung asawa ni Bro. Boy, puro babae ang namamahala ng pagkain sa iglesia. Kaya yung idinidiin mo si Bro. Efren, walang kaimik-imik yung tao, idinamay mo dito sa isinusulat mo, imposible yun. Bakit? Buhay na buhay ako dito at makakapagpatotoo ako na yung sinasabi mo rito, e lahat ito, puro kasinungalingan. Walang totoo dito.

Meron ka pang sinasabing special projects ng ADD. Maraming maraming kalokohan itong pinagsasasabi mo rito. Tapos pati yung pagpatay kay Bro. Marcos si Bro. Efren daw ang gumawa dahil kapatid daw niya si Kumander Pusa. E, sino ba si Kumander Pusa? (Giggles) Sige nga. Ilitaw mo nga yung sinasabi mong Kumander Pusa. Ako nga e, hindi ko kilala yun eh. Yung sinasabi mong Kumander Pusa baka si ano Felix da Cat (Giggles). Kumander Pusa..kaya masasabi ko po dito sa mga pinagsasabi niya rito, ito po, pinagtagpi-tagpi lang niya ito para makapanira. Meron mga taong malalaking nasa..nasa likod niya na pinagtulung-tulungan nila ito pero sa kapangyarihan at awa ng Dios, eh, hindi naman po maililigaw yung talagang naghahanap ng totoo. Bakit po? Eh, lilitaw at lilitaw, makikita mo ang daming butas itong sinasabi nila e. Ang daming sinasabi nila, e, talagang hindi totoo at makikita po pagka hindi ka man maglilipat ng page, makakakita ka ng mali e.

Lalo na pag si Bro. Eli ang nagbasa nito, naku! Katakot-takot na mali ang makikita rito, di ba? Dun pa nga lang sa una kong napansin kanina yung e.. grade..pitong taon e grade five at di marunong magbasa ng una, pero natutong magbasa nung marinig yung iglesia ni Manalo nung grade five daw siya nung pitong taon. E, yun pa lang, talagang ah..kitang-kita na na hindi totoo. At kung lilitaw man itong tao na ito, na nagsasabi nitong mga ito, e, nakahanda akong humarap. Patototohanan ko sa kanya na yung mga sinasabi niya hindi lahat totoo yan. Yung mga sinabi niya, kinatha lang yan at merong mga tao na nasa likod niya na gumawa nitong mga katha-katha nito.

Hindi na kami magtataka kung sino itong mga ito. Bakit? Simula noon pa man kinakatha nyo na si Bro. Eli hanggang ngayon hindi nyo pa tinitigilan eh. At maaaring sa hinaharap eh hindi nyo pa rin titigilan. Nakahanda na kami doon at alam namin na talagang hindi nyo titigilang gawin iyan hanggang sa paghuhukom gagawin nyo siguro iyan. Pero yun talagang lingkod ng Dios at talagang nanaantili sa pagtatapat sa Dios, ay kahit anong gawin ninyong ganito, hindi ninyo madadaya. Yon lang po ang masasabi ko.

ADDPUBS: Palagay nyo po, sino po ang gumagamit ng pangalang Lioncrypt alyas Vicfiles?

RICO FERNANDEZ : Ah, yung gumagamit noon, a, eto sa sarili ano ko lang, yung sinasabi niyang Lioncrypt at tsaka yung Vicfiles , ah, sa, sa, sa karanasan sa dami nung paninirang ginawa kay Bro.Eli, at tsaka doon pagkakahanay nung mga ginamit dito, mapapansin mo dito, dun sa mga pinaggagamit niya, gumamit siya ng pangalan, gumamit siya ng istorya. Ah..gumamit siya ng mga kasaysayan nung mga tao na binabalu-baluktot lang nila eh, isa lang ang masasabi kong may alam dito sa mga ito—at iyon ay walang iba kundi si Daniel Veridiano.

Siya ang malamang na gumawa nitong mga katha-katha na ito kasi yung iba namang mga nakasama niya doon, wala naman silang alam dito sa mga nakasulat dito eh. Karamihan dito, mga bago lang nangyari yung mga sinasabi nila, hindi naman ito yung mga panahong mga matagal na bago ako naanib o kaya nung pagka anib ko eh. Napansin ko dito, karamihan nung sinasabi nila dito, nangyari ito nung maanib si Puto. Karamihan dito. Kaya sa recollection ko, itong mga sinasabi niyang mga nangyari dito, nangyari ito nung nandito pa at kasama pa namin dito si Daniel Veridiano. Kaya ang pinaka resource nila na pinanggalingan nitong mga detalye na ito na pinagbalu-baluktot nila, siya ang nakikita kong pinanggalingan nito. Si Daniel Veridiano.

ADDPUBS : Parang pinapatunog lang po diyan na..

RICO FERNANDEZ: Oo. Pinapatunog niya rito na meron daw mag-asawa, meron daw sa records. Kasi ang natatandaan ko lang naman huli kong nakausap bago ko it tinurn-over ang mga records ng iglesia yung sa kay Bro. Milan at Bro. Marcos yung reperensiya. Siya ang kausap ko noon eh. Komo na..komo nagkaroon siya ng authority doon sa listahan nung mga kapatid sa pag aayos nung biodata ng mga kapatid, atsaka nakita niya yung mga records na hinawakan ko din noon, nung panahon na iyon, kaya ang talagang number one na pinaghihinalaan ko na nasa likod nitong mga istoryang ito, si Daniel Veridiano. Siya ang nakikita kong gumawa nito.

ADDPUBS : Salamat po sa Dios.

RICO FERNANDEZ : Meron pa tayong ano, Bro…

ADDPUBS: Kung meron man pong..

RICO FERNANDEZ : Yung..yung inaalam natin yung pangalan nung tao, walang ganung tao Bro, kahit anong ano ang hanapin mo, wala kang makikita.

ADDPUBS: Kahit sa ADDCIT po pinapa trace namin.

RICO FERNANDEZ: Wala. Kasi, wala namang kapatid natatandaan ko ha? Walang kapatid na naging..napupunta sa records, napunta sa ADDPro, lahat pinagdaanan, walang ganun..

ADDPUBS: Tapos paangat ng paangat?

RICO FERNANDEZ: Walang ganun.

ADDPUBS: Hindi kapani-paniwala..

RICO FERNANDEZ: Wala. Pag napunta ka sa QUAT, hanggang QUAT ka lang, doon ka. Kung dibisyon ka, doon ka sa dibisyon.

ADDPUBS : Pero para, kung baga sa isang grupo lumipat sumama sa iba.

BRO: RICO: Talon talon siya ng tungkulin? Hindi totoo ‘yun. Yung hinahanap na pangalan kung sino talaga ito? Ah..Ililigaw ka lang nun. Wala talagang nung gano’ng tao.

ADDPUBS: Bale, hindi po totoong diyakono po.

RICO FERNANDEZ : Ahm..maaaring..ano yon..maaaring yung sinasabi nilang dyakono ng V. Luna, sinasabi nilang diakono ng V.Luna, siyempre pag ipinagtanong mo yun, meron talagang diakono dun. Di ba? May talagang diakono dun. Ang tanong, yun bang diakono na iyon bang talagang may gawa nito? Kasi, komo magkakasabwat sila, pwede naman niyang sabihin dun sa diakono, O, aminin mo na ikaw ang gumawa. Oo. Pang divert lang yun. Pero dun sa nakikita ko na pinagtagpi-tagpi niyang istorya, dito, e, si Puto ang pinaghihinalahan ko nito. Bakit? Yung ibang mga lumipat doon, wala silang ganoong ka lalim na kaalaman doon sa circle ng confidentiality ng iglesia. Malapit ito dahil pinag-uusapan dito, e, records. Ang pinag-uusapan dito si Bro. Marcos, si Bro. Ruel Pinyon..e, hindi lahat ng kapatid kilala yun e.

ADDPUBS : Oo nga po.

RICO FERNANDEZ : Hindi..yung marami diyan, yung mga sinasabi nilang pangalan, kagaya nung pagkamatay ni Bro. Romy..Espanyol, di ba? Tingnan mo ha, isa isahin ko dito: name ni Bro. Marcos, pagkamatay ni Romy Espanyol, yung pagkamatay ni Bro. Ruel Pinyon…

ADDPUBS : Tapos, kayo daw po, malapit ng mamatay.

RICO FERNANDEZ : Tapos ako, malapit na ako..(Laughs) baka ipinanalangin niya akong mamatay. Yon, yung mga ano na iyon, itong mga ito, tapos meron pa siyang sinasabi ritong ano e.. taga ADDCIT. Yun daw nagha hack. Yung Ramil..tingnan ko yung pangalan niya ha? Ito mahahalata mo rito, hindi malayo ito e. Bakit? Kilala niya yung mga tao e. Yung Ramil, nasan ba yung pangalan nung Ramil.. yun daw natutuwa pa raw si Bro. Eli na nakaka-hack sila. Nakita ko dito yun e. Kunin ko lang yung pangalan dito. Ang pangalan niya Ramil..teka..mahirap pag hindi mo na ano e…tapos tingnan mo dito—maski, pati pangalan ni Bro. Tony Santos . Level ano yung sabi niya rito? Yun daw ano, bawal kasi na iyan ay lumabas ng ADD Compound ng walang kasamang MIC o manggagawa na ka-level ni Tony Santos. Sino daw ang bawal? Si Bro. Marcos? Imposible yun! (laughs). E, si Bro. Marcos ang lakas ng loob, pumupunta nga ng Divisoria mag-isa yun e. Namimili ng salamin eh.

Matigas ang ulo ni Bro. Marcos eh pagdating diyan. Hindi mo siya kayang pigilan kahit may kasama siya o wala. Namimili ng Divisoria yun, namimili siya dun, ang negosyo kasi niya, ni Bro. Marcos, nagtitinda siya nung mga shades tsaka reading glass. Si Bro. Marcos, hindi mo masisindak yan. Pupunta ng Divisoriang mag-isa yang mamimili do’n. Didistino yang mag-isa yan, walang bodyguard yan. Wala. At tsaka dito, wala naman dito nung panahon naming non, nung mga nauna. Wala, di yun lumalakad ng may bodyguard. Hindi uso yun (giggles).

Si Bro. Tony pa! Si Bro. Tony Santos pa raw! Ano yung pangalan ng kapatid na sinasabi niyang..teka..tingnan ko lang dito. Ipinagmamalaki raw niya dito na siya raw, nangha hack rin. Makikita mo rito, nagbibigay siya ng clue kung ano yung mga pinaggagagawa niya e. Nangha- hack siya, tapos may hawak, naghawak rin siya ng record. Ito..ang sinasabi niyang pangalan dito, si Rommel Yap Malapira. Si Bro. Rommel Yap (tsk)si Bro. Jeff yata ito—yung payat. Yung nasa abroad na siya ngayon. Yan. Ang alam ko, ang mga nakakakilala rito sa mga ito, si Daniel Veridiano talaga.

ADDPUBS : Tsaka ano daw po, naabutan daw po niya yung mga records po na…

RICO FERNANDEZ : Opo. Pero hacker siya. Tingnan mo, bali-baliktad yung mga sinasabi niya. Sabi niya nung una, ha, mahirap raw ayusin yung records ng iglesia. Di ba sabi niya mahirap daw ayusin yung records ng iglesia. Kahit daw nung tumulong na siya, hindi pa din maayos. Pagdating dito, paglitaw dito sa bandang huli, sinasabi niya, magaling pala siya sa computer. E, kasi, marunong siyang mag-hack, tapos ah..nakasama pa raw niya yung Rommel Yap. Ang kung hindi ako nagkakamali, itong Rommel Yap, ito eh graphic designer na magaling din sa computer. E, sino ba ang mga sirkulong kasama dun sa computer? Yung mga taga ADDCIT.

Ang may hawak noon sa ADDCIT, yung merong authority sa records nung mga panahon na iyon na nandito pa siya, wala ng iba kundi si Daniel Veridiano . Siya talaga yung lumilitaw dito. Tapos pinalilitaw pa niya rito, naaawa siya sa akin. Yun ang pinalilitaw niya rito e, naaawa daw siya sa akin, dahil ako daw ay pinapatay dito, sana raw makasama nila ako doon, yun ang pinalilitaw niya. Nagpapaawa siya. E, kahit ano siguro gawin mo, hwag loobin..hwag loobin ng Dios na mangyari yun na lilipat ako diyan na dito nga binubuhay ako e. Kaya dito, kitang kita dito ang mayor parte nung..nung..mga pinaglalagay rito, si Daniel Veridiano ang gumawa nito. Siya ang gumawa niyan. Oo. Oo.

Kasi sinasabi niya rito na nung wala pang computer hanggang magkaroon na ng computer, hanggang nagha-hack na nga sila. E..alam na alam mo, ang gumagawa nito may kinalaman siya dun sa guamagawa kasi hindi naman niya masasabi yun kung hindi niya ginawa talaga—kung wala siyang kaalaman talaga. At tsaka nung magbigay siya ng mga pangalan ng mga tao, magbigay siya ng mga pangalan, at tsaka, ito, sabi niya, ang nagdoktrina daw sa kanya si Bro. Eli. Si Bro. Eli, si Bro. Jocel at tsaka si sis. Baby. E, kalian bang nagsimulang magdoktrina si Bro. Eli? Noong maanib ako, hindi nag dodoktrina si Bro. Eli. Ni hindi nga siya nagbabawtismo eh. Si Bro. Eli? Hindi..hindi siya..yung nagdodoktrina na nagpupunta sa local magdodoktrina?

Nagsimula lang mag doktrina si Bro. Eli pagkatapos mag Bible Exposition Munoz—sa barracks. Kasi komo siya yung nag bible exposition, yung project ni Bro.Daniel noon, nag anyaya sila nung mga kilalang tao, mga may pinag aralan tapos nagsimula yung bible exposition noon sa barracks sa Munoz. Pagkatapos nung Bible Exposition, si Bro. Eli ang nag doktrina.

ADDPUBS : Nineteen ano po…

RICO FERNANDEZ: Nagsimula yung doktrina ni Bro. Eli…

ADDPUBS : Sa tape po. Sa tape na lang ano? Nagdodoktrina siya do’n..kelan ba nagsimula ang bible expo.

RICO FERNANDEZ : nagsimula ang bible expo..mga..kung di ako nagkakamali..mga ’94, ’95.

ADDPUBS : Nakalipat na po?

RICO FERNANDEZ : Ah, hindi pa. mga ’94, ’95. Tapos yung..yung batch ni Puto, inabot na ng pagdodoktrina ni Bro. Eli yun. Inabot na niya yun. Kasi yung batch nila, kung hindi ako nagkakamali, ang kasabay nila nun, sina Glenn eh. Sina Bro. Glenn Labung. Sila ang magkaka batch sa seminar noon. Yung karamihan sa mga ka batch niya, yun ang nakatulong ni Bro. Eli ngayon sa kusina. Tapos nagkaroon sila ng iba ibang pwesto dito sa..dito sa iglesia.

ADDPUBS : ’94 po to ’96?

RICO FERNANDEZ : Mga…tanong mo kay Bro. Glenn kung kelan siya nabawtismuhan. Pero hindi sila yung una doon sa batch nung nagdoktrina si Bro. Eli. Di ko matandaan yung eksaktong taon kung kelan siya nagkaroon ng..mass indoctrination doon eh. Mass indoctrination yun e. Si Bro. Eli, hindi naman siya yung nagdodoktrina ng paisa-isa e. Siyempre, napakarami niyang trabaho e. Nagra radio siya, nagti tv.

Nakakapagdoktrina siya, yung maramihang tao rin lang yung makikinig. Tapos, yun nga, hindi pa niya tuluy-tuloy na nagagawa yung doktrina. Mayroong mga manggagawang pinagtitiwalaan siya, ah,pag wa..pag di siya available, halimbawa, nagra radio siya, yun muna ang nagdo doktrina. Malamang nga nun, si sis Baby, Bro. Jocel, Bro. Efren di pa masyado noon eh. Di pa sila nakakatulong sa ganoon noon eh, kasi, ang Manila noon, ang may hawak ng Manila noon, ang OIC sa Maynila, ang unang OIC sa Manila noon si Bro. Jocel at si Kuya. Si Bro. Jocel at si Bro. Daniel. Yung nung Mass Indoctrination, Bible Exposition, sila yung mga nakakatulong noon tsaka sina Sis. Baby Jesus. Sila nun, nung panahon na iyon. Kalian.. I trace mo siya. Kalian..kailan ba itiniwalag si Puto? Makikita nyo sa record nyo. I trace mo siya kung..

ADDPUBS : Bago po ata nangibang bansa si Bro. Eli..

RICO FERNANDEZ : Oo. Bago nangibang bansa, I trace mo siya, pagkatapos I trace mo siya kung kelan siya nabawtismuhan, may record naman tayo, makikita mo kung ilang taon. Malalaman mo ang lahat..mga ten years. Kasi umalis si Bro. Eli ng Pilipinas 2005. Kaya kung mga 1995 siya nadoktrinahan, malamang..

ADDPUBS : Parang kino connect?

RICO FERNANDEZ : Kasi ano yan eh, yung mga gumagawa niyan, yung ganito Bro, yung ano lang naman, analysis ko lang, yung gumagawa ng ganito, bagaman karamihan dito hindi totoo, naglalagay sila noong maaari silang makilala para ma claim nila yung article. Nag- iiwan sila ng mga kapra-kaprasong pwede mong mapa-… kung baga sa isang isang nag iimbistiga, nag iiwan siya mga hint ng mga ano..hindi siya ah..hindi siya..ah..hindi siya visual. Hindi mo kaagad siya makikita. Hindi mo kaagad siya mapapansin. Mapapansin mo lang siya pagka sinuri mong mabuti yung ginawa niya kasi bawat tao na gumagawa ng artikulo, meron siyang sariling signature ayon sa pinag aralan ko. Meron siyang sariling signature, yun ang sarili niyang style. Yun ang sarili niyang style.

ADDPUBS: Kaya kahit magbago-bago pa siya ng identity..

RICO FERNANDEZ: Oo. kahit bagu baguhin pa niya ang identiy, may mati trace ka pa rin na sa kanya ‘yon. Kagaya ng sinasabi niya na sampung taon siya, tapos sinasabi niya may re..may hawak siyang record, sinasabi niya naging hacker siya. O, dun mapagdudugtong dugtong mo na na nagbibigay siya ng link kung sino siya pero hindi niya inaamin na siya yun. Kasi ang sinasabi niya, may asawa siya, e, wala naman siyang..wala namang asawa si Puto,di ba? Tapos sinasabi niyang nang maanib siya, may asawa na siya. Maaari ngang totoo, a..malapit sila nung nag-aaral siya sa kapilya ng iglesia ni Manalo. Yun maaaring totoo iyon. Maaaring noong bata pa siya nakikinig na siya sa aral nung mga iyon, maaaring totoo ‘yun kasi wala tayong basis dun. Yun maaaring totoo ‘yun.

ADDPUBS : At least yun mapaninindigan nyo yun.

RICO FERNANDEZ : Oo. Mapaninindigan natin ito kahit saan makarating ito. Dahil Awa ng Dios, marami pa naman akong natatandaan sa mga..nangyari noon.

ADDPUBS : Kung baga sa..may mga part siyang nilalagay na halaw din sa sarili niyang buhay para tanungin man siya, madali niyang masagot dahil kabisado niya.

RICO FERNANDEZ : Oo, dahil kabisado niya. Kung.. kasi kung gagawa ka ng katha na 100%, katha na wala kang personal na knowledge nun, madali kang maipit, di ba? Pero kung may personal knowledge ka in.. inilapat mo yung sarili mo dun sa ginawa mo, makikita mo ro’n, kaya mo siyang I depensa kahit binaluktot mo siya. Sa kanya mismo.

ADDPUBS: Kakabisaduhin naman niya yung..

RICO FERNANDEZ : Komo siya naman ang bumaluktot nun, kayang kaya niya di ba? ngayon ang ..ang..epekto nun, komo nga hindi totoo yung nakasulat, may mga sinulat siya na hindi na niya napansin, nagkokontra-kontra. Inconsistent na siya.

ADDPUBS: Dun siya mahahalata.

RICO FERNANDEZ : Dun siya mahahalata. Ganun siya. Ililigaw lang niya yung pangalan talaga eh. Kaya hindi niya mailagay yung pangalan niya dito, kasi magbigay lang siya ng konting hint sa pangalan niya, sa address niya, kung saan siya nakatira, ay, makikita mo na talaga kung sino yung gumawa di ba? Makikita na natin kung sino yung gumawa.

ADDPUBS: Kasi yung Daniel Veridiano sira na yung pangalan niya..


ADDPUBS: Kaya gumagamit na lang ng alyas.

RICO FERNANDEZ: At tsaka ano, hindi talaga sila makalantad ng mga pangalan nila, kasi may mga sinulat siya rito, libelous eh. May mga sinulat siya dito, pwede siyang mademanda ng ano, ng libel dib a? Kagaya nung mga akusasyon kay Bro. Efren, si Bro. Efren daw ang puno ng paglalason, puno ng pagpatay kay Bro. Marcos. E yung mga akusasyon na iyon, lumitaw ang pangalan nito, madedemanda ito ng katakut-takot na..wala tayong pangalan na ano, mapapatunayang na yon, Bro. hindi siya nagbibigay ng talagang identity ng isang tao lang kasi alam nila, mate trace at mate trace sila. Kung isang tao lang ang may alam ng lahat ng ito, matetrace at matetrace lahat yun eh. Makikita natin lahat yun. Basta ang naaano ko..nakikita ko dito, si Puto gumawa niyan! #

News Type: Event — Tue Aug 19, 2008 6:44 AM EDT

Jane Abao

Manila, Philippines – A media man resorting to short cut methods of hitting an enemy drops the name of the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) to make it appear that his enemy is on the run and to alert the Interpol.

Alfred P. Dalizon, writing in World News Network on Journal online dated August 19, 2008, said that International Evangelist, Bro. Eliseo Soriano, is wanted for rape and that an international warrant of arrest is out for him. The story did not include much details but came with generic terms and did not explain how come the Interpol is suddenly in the picture. The offices he mentioned like the Philippine National Police did not even carry a single name.

In order to maintain as politically neutral a role as possible, Interpol’s constitution forbids its involvement in crimes that do not overlap several member countries. This is according to Wikipedia that quoted the constitution of Interpol. The Interpol does not also involve itself in any political, military, religious, or racial crimes.

Moreover, the work of Interpol focuses primarily on public safety, terrorism, organized crime, war crimes, illicit drug production, drug trafficking, weapons smuggling, human trafficking, money laundering, child pornography, white-collar crime, computer crime, intellectual property crime and corruption. Therefore, Dalizon or whatever group he represents, cannot merely call upon the Interpol to do things to their bidding as implied in the report he produced.

The Interpol emphatically states in their database that a Red Notice is not an international arrest warrant that Dalizon would like to have the public believe. It also gives a warning in bold letters that the person should be considered innocent until proven guilty.

Dalizon also said “the PNP noted that the Bureau of Immigration has already included Soriano in the Bureau’s watch list effective November 11, 2005.” However, a check with the office of the BI that time revealed that they had received no order from proper authorities to that effect. While Dalizon kept quoting the Philippine National Police in his report, he could only come up with just “PNP.”

Soriano is the presiding minister of the Church of God, International, more popularly known as Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path). This is, however, a multi-awarded radio and thence television program of this preacher that has been running for almost three decades. Being the head of an international church organization, the evangelist is now based in foreign countries although he reaches his Filipino audience 24 hours a day through his satellite programs. All over the world, there are locales for this church which is growing leaps and bounds.

Time and again, while the evangelist is out of the country, Philippine media is used as a weapon against him but the contents, Soriano said, are pure lies. Now and then, reports about his arrest or surrender are bannered by Philippine tabloids and picked up by TV and radio as legitimate news. In these instances, a pattern shows that media men are being used to make life difficult for him.

The style of Dalizon is the same one repeated over and over in the Philippines. The news rendition is not complete but come with generic terms and with no particular names. What are prominent are the whereabouts of the evangelist. Because they could not get Soriano killed, his enemies use the media, perchance other newspapers pick up the items and reproduce them as legitimate news. The danger, however, is that the public might be fooled – and this time, the Interpol. Dalizon reveals himself partial to the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) by saying that Soriano is a former member of this group which is not true.

The Iglesia ni Cristo is often challenged by Preacher Bro. Eliseo Soriano to defend its teachings, since it runs counter to the task of Soriano who looks at himself as having to save Filipinos from the continuing deception of the Manalos. Felix Manalo, the founder of the Iglesia ni Cristo in 1913 is succeeded by his son, Eraño Manalo whom Soriano has long been challenging to come out to a debate on television live. Manalo has not bothered to answer, however.

Due to Manalo’s silence, Soriano challenged him to a debate in March 2005 as published through Manila Times, a national broadsheet. As expected, Manalo did not come out but his ministers told Soriano over television Net 25 to debate first with the Pope who was then ill at that time and speak in Latin. Then and there, Manalo can debate with Soriano, they said.

Instead of answering to the charges of false preaching, the INC short cuts things and use media people in the guise of news scoops. Most of the time, these media people used are innocent about the tricks the INC uses and more so about the long-time feud between the INC and the Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path) group that Eliseo Soriano heads.

With the same style of Dalizon, the INC ministers as anchors in their Ang Tamang Daan (The Right Path) program, had been airing over Net 25 television station the usual travel routes of Soriano and encouraged the Abu Sayyaf (Moro rebels in the Philippines) to run after him. They say that on particular days, he is in San Vicente and passes by these distinct routes. For the hearing of Muslims, these ministers claim Soriano has called them killers and therefore Muslims should run after him also. It is not a secret that the INC had been using the Muslims against Soriano with some of the latter unaware of the issues. Ang Tamang Daan program (ATD) of the INC is a poor counterfeit of the successful Ang Dating Daan of Soriano that had reaped the Gawad America Award for the most informative religious program in 2006. A large portion of ATD is used to hit Soriano and spite him as the direct cause of their dwindling membership.

Dalizon’s style is the same trick applied by Rizalino L. Arrabis, most rabid defender of the INC. Over in, Arrabis had been calling for people to post the phone number of Soriano, his fax number, his email address, his phone number as the preacher, he said, is wanted for rape and other crimes. He also called for the Interpol to catch what he called a criminal. For all his personal attacks, however, the site deleted all of his hundred and one posts with a warning from Rob Walker. Commenting November 14, 2007 to an article in OhmyNews International, Arrabis called Soriano the phenomenal criminal fugitive preacher and wrote “WORKINGMEN OF ALL COUNTRIES, UNITE!!! POLICE OFFICIALS OF ALL COUNTRIES, UNITE!!! LEASH AND IMPOUND THIS RABID DOG, ELISEO SORIANO, BEFORE HE SPREADS HIS CORRUPTION.”

In World News of Journal Online, Dalizon said Soriano would likely be visiting the following places: Brazil, Singapore, Thailand and the United States. Some quarters believe Dalizon is pitching for the Interpol who may believe that they are being tipped off by proper authorities. The Interpol who are not aware of the ways of the Iglesia ni Cristo may believe the story just upon the word of the Philippine military who are INC members without verification.

This World News incident was protested over by publication editors of Soriano’s group. They demanded that World News of the Philippine Journal group of publications sanction the erring reporter who obviously did not check his details before posting. The evangelist has in his possession two evidences to counter the rape story that Veridiano filed with the courts: (1) Lipa City Youth and Cultural Center permit for the use of the premises for the Bible Exposition that Soriano held for May 17 of 2000 – the day that Veridiano claimed he was raped; and (2) Chelation Therapy Schedule by the doctors who had attended to him that day before he went to his Bible Exposition. Veridiano, alias Puto, in the case he filed with the courts, claimed that he was raped around 1:30 in the afternoon of May 17, 2000 at the Convention Center in Pampanga. At those times, the evangelist was out of the Convention Complex as he was being attended to by his doctors and then he moved on to his Bible Exposition which ended at midnight. These Bible Expositions usually take time to prepare for the public and they begin much early in the day and end at midnight.

On what Veridiano reported as a second count of rape on June 8, 2001, Soriano said he went with Rico Fernandez to the office of one Ma. Evangeline Veloira in a bank located in Bambang, Manila. They then proceeded to Sushimoto Restaurant to meet a certain Aida P. Briones, an accountant recommended by Veloira regarding the loan transaction they were applying for. The preacher is known for gallantly financing big church projects which explains the growth of the congregation to an international scope. The transaction was held from 12noon to 4pm. Veridiano said he was raped around 3:00 in the afternoon that day.

The investigating prosecutor found no probable cause to prosecute Soriano as he believed that Veridiano’s accusations were all lies and fabricated. The case that was filed sometime before October 5, 2005 was dismissed on January 26, 2006. It was penned by Alexandro Lopez, Asst. Provincial Prosecutor and approved by Jesus Magarang, Provincial prosecutor, Province of Pampanga, San Fernando City. It highly considered the rift going on between the INC and the ADD.

Veridiano only filed his complaint after some 14 of his subordinates complained to Soriano that he raped them.

The story of Dalizon that is being protested to by the editors can be found here:

The tabloid version posted in People’s tonight can be read here:

The rape story was one connected with Daniel Veridiano, a former member of Ang Dating Daan and who had joined the Iglesia ni Cristo. While he was the one who raped his office mates, he filed a rape case against Preacher Soriano, obviously helped by the new church group he joined to spite Soriano after being excommunicated from Soriano’s group. In Dalizon’s story, Veridiano was untruthfully presented as a former member of the Iglesia ni Cristo, just like Dalizon did in the case of Soriano – a poor attempt of Dalizon to hide his connections with the Iglesia ni Cristo. Dalizon also implied that Veridiano merely returned to his former fold, the Iglesia ni Cristo, when the truth is that Veridiano could no longer be acceptable to Soriano’s group.

Veridiano was excommunicated by Soriano for several offenses, including rape of some 14 of his subordinates and pilfering the church collections. His confessions can be viewed in YouTube. According to the church leader, the rape case Veridiano filed against the evangelist was in retaliation for his excommunication. This case was once dismissed by the courts for lack of evidence, but due to the intervention of Raul Gonzalez, himself the Secretary of Justice, the case was re-filed. Wikipedia carries this item in the biography of Eliseo Soriano where it mentions that Gonzalez has no connection with the case and yet he had it re-filed.

Some of the false teachings of the INC that Soriano had been attacking are: That anyone who is outside of the INC will not be saved, and other churches are of the devil thus condemning their members to the fires of hell; that Jesus Christ is a human being, was a human being, and remains a human being, and that Manalo is an angel; that holy supper is observed in the morning and with financial contributions.

Soriano had to leave the country in late 2005 upon receiving word that he would be left for dead. The INC had been filing case after case against Soriano beginning with libel and other cases to include rape. When he found that he could not even get the local and national courts to give him justice, he filed a case with the International Court of Human Rights.

The most vicious of the strategies that the INC had been using against Soriano is that of media. First, they used comics to depict Soriano in sodomy. These comics have been mandatory for their ministers to distribute and they were required quotas. Abner Martizano, the INC minister who got affiliated with the Ang Dating Daan group had provided all the details and showed on screen the directives from his former church in the viewing of thousands of Ang Dating Daan members.

The INC is known for its king-maker capacity with its bloc voting practice and is well sought for by politicians in times of elections. After the elections, these elected people return the favor in so many ways. Soriano, as beleaguered international evangelist, has left his country on account of persecutions by this rival church group quite influential to the Philippine government. Fortunately, for him, his being abroad has turned much good for his work as evangelist. More church locales have been opened and many nationalities have joined his faith including those from Canada, North and South America, Africa, Spain, and some from Asia.

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News Type: Event — Wed Jan 23, 2008 7:12 AM EST

Jane Abao

An international evangelist, considered as the most queried man on earth today reiterated his need to face his powerful nemesis in a one-on-one debate on television live. Also counted as the most sensible preacher of our time today, his challenge is not one to be easily dismissed. Some quarters look at this challenge as a spur to the debate of the century long expected by those familiar with this preacher.

Filipino evangelist Bro. Eliseo Soriano who had exiled himself for expediency, reiterated today (23/1/2008) his challenge to a church leader of the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC, translated as Church of Christ) to come out in the open so that this man could defend his teachings. Soriano had been very critical of false preachers ever since, most especially those of the INC.

Eraño Manalo, the Executive Minister of the INC, one whom Soriano calls a false preacher, has been ignoring Soriano’s call for a debate. Soriano is the presiding minister of the Church of God, International, better known through their program, as Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path) by the public.

Eraño is the son of Felix Manalo, founder of the INC. He is politically a kingmaker in the Philippines for his bloc-voting congregation and is much sought after by politicians for help come election time.

Soriano, 61, left the Philippines in a hurry towards the end of 2005 when conditions turned sour to his interests as preacher, on the belief that Manalo had much to do with the string of cases maliciously filed against him. Word had reached the evangelist of impending events to happen. As he did not want anyone of his people to be sacrificed if they defended him, Soriano left the country upon advice of his security personnel.

A formal challenge to debate with Manalo was published by Soriano in one whole page of the broadsheet, Manila Times, in March 2005. The intention was to end once and for all the contentions between them and to let the public see who among them was telling the truth.

However, the INC Executive Minister Manalo merely told Soriano through his ministers in their TV program, Ang Tamang Daan (The Right Path), to debate with the Pope of Rome first and speak Latin before attempting to debate with him.

Ang Tamang Daan is an INC counterfeit of Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path), Soriano’s long running program which has won several awards. For the nth time, Soriano who has been based abroad for two years now is reiterating the call for debate with Manalo.

In a bible exposition where the interactive portion, “Ask Bro. Eli” was held today at Marinduque, south of Manila, via satellite from the United States, Soriano who is called Bro. Eli, has been challenged by a minister of the Iglesia ni Cristo or INC to explain why Soriano kept referring to his church as Iglesia ni Manalo (Church of Manalo). Soriano replied that there are so many churches of Christ but it is only the INC who refers to Christ as man and that he never was God at any time. Therefore, to make a distinction that the church of Christ he was referring to is the one that believes in Christ as man, Soriano had to refer to this group as Iglesia ni Manalo, he said.

Further, Soriano reasoned out that the Wesleyans did not find it offensive if their church was referred to as the Church of Wesley, just as the Mormons and the Aglipays did not feel slighted when they were referred to as the Mormon church or the Aglipayan church. Soriano also showed some documents on screen for the audience to see that Felix Manalo, the founder of this church, referred to the Iglesia ni Cristo as “my church.”

Piqued with the preacher’s answer, the minister of the INC (name unidentified to the audience) insisted that he could debate with Soriano at that very moment, but the latter countered that he must have the authority of Manalo first. The minister claimed that Soriano had been evading debate with his group, to which Soriano retorted that he was the one who had long been challenging Manalo to come out in the open and defend his teachings. He also warned the INC minister not to reverse the truth.

Answering from his seat abroad where is he based, Soriano said in a raised voice, “It is I who kept calling for Manalo to come out in the open and debate with me. Don’t you dare reverse the truth.”

As published in Wikipedia, “Eliseo Soriano posted a paid advertisement in Manila Times broadsheets and invited the camp of Iglesia ni Cristo in a one on one debate and discussion. The Iglesia ni Cristo answered Soriano on their program by asking him to debate first with Pope John Paul II which was bedridden at that time and died a few days after this was posted.”

The INC minister, who was tagged as the 14th inquirer in the “Ask Bro. Eli” portion of the program that night, walked out of the hall after failing to get what he wanted. As he left the hall, many of his followers took after him that several seats were vacated up front. However, even as the INC group left, there was excitement in the air.

It is nights like this that the audience becomes excited whenever one would dare challenge Bro. Eli. Until now, it is said, no one has proven this man wrong when it comes to biblical matters. His work history is one tracked with many exciting debates – with the losers leaving in bitterness after their erroneous teachings were exposed. Bro. Eli does not flinch whenever he comes face to face with false preachers, it is said. The INC are not excluded from the many fiery attacks of this evangelist.

It was evident that the inquirer was not there to ask questions on matters of faith or salvation but to register his angst and anger against the host for labeling their church as Iglesia ni Manalo.

Eliseo Soriano comes off as the most queried man on earth today. Working initially with Filipino audiences wherever they could be found, he had expanded on to international audiences. In his program, “Ask Bro Eli,” he is asked several questions ranging from relationships, to dreams, to ailments, to spiritual concerns, to management, to governance, to deep matters of truth, and he would answer by reading direct from the bible.

Each month, Soriano’s program gives off an average of 10 bible expositions where about 20 complex questions in each are asked and he would give long comprehensive answers. Each month, therefore, Soriano’s program that is held in the evening up to midnight could reap about 200-250 questions and each year, about 2,500 questions. The program had started its heydays in the radio then. Most of the questions are those not answered by the pastors of the inquirers. They included questions about idols, spirits, prayers, death, tithing, the real Jesus Christ, resurrection, judgment day, living, God the father, false preachers.

“Ask Bro. Eli ” has long been showcasing Soriano’s prowess in answering questions where most of the inquirers were enlightened and had joined Soriano’s faith – not excluding those from the Iglesia ni Cristo.

Soriano is now facing multiple charges in the Philippines filed by the Iglesia ni Cristo and its sympathizers – all of them arising from his work as evangelist. The witnesses are either those Soriano had excommunicated from his congregation for various offenses, public officials who had benefited from the bloc-voting practices of the INC, and even those who stood to gain from the filed cases.

The impact of the evangelist’s work has drastically reduced the membership of Manalo’s church that heavily depended on tithing – which practice Soriano has been preaching against. Tithing according to him is merely Mosaic law that is not applicable to Christians today.

Wanting to continue with his mission as one in a hurry, Soriano tries yet to be safe from those who would want his downfall. With his impressive humanitarian work of caring for the helpless of Philippine society, he feels he is not being given the justice due a Filipino citizen.

In one of the many earlier discussions of Soriano on Biblical topics, he had intimated that the last war to be fought will be a war between truth and evil.

Soriano had earlier filed a case with the International Human Rights Commission.

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News Type: Event — Sun Nov 4, 2007 11:26 PM EST

Jane Abao

Manila, Philippines – A church group suspected to be behind the troubles of a justice who failed to get appointed as Supreme Court justice surfaced lately.

According to Victor C. Agustin, columnist of Manila Standard Today, the Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ) finally surfaced as the group that was behind Gregory S. Ong’s failure to get appointed as Supreme Court (SC) justice. In his column titled, Cocktales, Agustin described this church group as powerful that they would not stop there.

Sandiganbayan Justice Gregory Ong failed to make the appointment because of an unresolved citizenship issue. Agustin said that the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) even wanted Ong removed from Sandiganbayan, an anti-graft court where he sits now.

Agustin wrote, “The powerful Iglesia Ni Cristo has come out in the open not only to prevent Sandiganbayan Justice Gregory Ong from being appointed to the Supreme Court but also to have him unseated from the anti-graft court.” Accordingly, the petition was filed by the lawyer of this group who belongs to the Iglesia Ni Cristo.

The petition to disqualify Ong from the Sandiganbayan, is now pending in the Pasig Regional Trial Court. It was filed by lawyer Ferdinand Topacio, counsel of the Iglesia.

Agustin intimated that Justice Ong had convicted a brother-in-law of the Iglesia’s Executive Minister by the name of Victor Danao, a military colonel.

As described by Agustin, Ong allegedly “caught the ire of the Iglesia hierarchy after the Sandiganbayan justice convicted military colonel Victor Danao, husband of Pilar Manalo, who happens to be a sister of Iglesia Executive Minister Eraño Manalo.” Pilar, said to be the daughter of Felix Manalo, first executive minister of the church group, is known to have composed the songs for the Iglesia.

Meanwhile, the INC’s clout in government is found in their much-touted practice of block voting. Not only does the incumbent Philippine president have the backings of the Iglesia Ni Cristo, but those before her including senators and congressmen who curry their favor come national elections.

Agustin said Lawyer Topacio is being helped in his legal research by a number of Iglesia lawyers in his oral arguments scheduled before Judge Leoncio Janolo Jr.

Being a Sandiganbayan justice, Ong was among the contenders for the position to a vacant slot in the Supreme Court like Court of Appeals Presiding Justice Ruben Reyes, Court of Tax Appeals Presiding Justice Ernesto Acosta, Labor Secretary Arturo Brion, CA Justice Edgardo Cruz and Sandiganbayan Justice Francisco Villaruz Jr. In July, this year, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo appointed Court of Appeals Presiding Justice Ruben Reyes as Associate Justice to the vacant slot.

Earlier it was reported by Aries Rufo of NewsBreak (02/08/2007) that appointed SC justice Ruben Reyes had the backing of the Iglesia ni Cristo and another church group. Reyes turned 68 last January 3, has only one year and two months to serve in the Tribunal before the compulsory retirement of 70.

The non-appointment of Gregory Ong to the high court is more than just the issue of his citizenship, an evangelist has charged recently. More so, the threat of his being removed from the antigraft court.

According to Eliseo Soriano, the un-warranted influence of the Iglesia Ni Cristo in the affairs of the government is to instill fear among the justices so that they will not meddle with the affairs of the INC.

Saying he admires Justice Gregory Ong for his impartiality in judging cases and his courage in carrying out his task, Soriano said Ong has the backing of his congregation, the Church of God, International, more popularly known as Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path). “Tell Justice Ong to carry on. We are all behind him.” Soriano said through live telecast from the United States before thousands of his followers.

Soriano is a Filipino evangelist now preaching overseas and leads a world-wide congregation of about 4 million. His congregation is all the more growing geometrically with weekly baptisms in thousands in the country and abroad as far as Africa, despite persecutions. Soriano was forced to leave the country for open threat on his life.

Ang Dating Daan as a program had been suspended many times by the Movie and Television Review Classification Board (MTRCB) under the Office of the President of the land for reasons related to the INC. Soriano had been attacking INC beliefs, particularly calling Christ a man, tithing regulations, and falsified history. At one time, one reason for the suspension of the program was Soriano’s calling the church-group, “Iglesia Ni Manalo” (church of Manalo) which the group resented.

UPDATE: Manila Times Jomar Canlas reported today that the judge handling this case, Judge Leoncio Janolo Jr., has been penalized by the Supreme Court because of the “delays in resolving cases.” He was fined P11, 000 ($250).

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By Jane Abao

Manila, Philippines (Fri Nov 30, 2007 9:23 AM EST)- Congressman-elect Daniel S. Razon called on Philippine National Police Chief Avelino Razon before some 50,000 followers Saturday to protect his accuser.

In a phone patch conversation with the Police General during which Daniel Razon was reporting to his church constituents last Saturday (11/24/07) at their Convention Center north of Manila, the Congressman-elect requested Gen. Avelino Razon to please give all the security needed by a certain Nathan Macute, a registered voter of Sitio Roque, Alabang, Muntinlupa City.

The congressman-elect who is at the same time the Vice Presiding Minister of the Church of God, International, said he had received an intelligence report saying that Macute would be killed and then Daniel Razon and his superior, Eliseo Soriano, would be blamed. In the face of such reports, Mr. Razon would like to be assured that nothing would harm his accuser.

Gen. Razon, who is not in anyway related to Daniel Razon, responded to the call and said his office will do what they could. The crowd of 50,000 composed of church members witnessed the conversation.

Macute is said to have filed a disqualification case and petition for the cancellation of Batas Party list wherein Daniel Razon won as congressman. Batas then cannot assume official function due Macute’s complaint, raising accusations that the group is a dummy of the religious organization of Daniel Razon.

According to Mr. Razon, popularly known as Kuya (Brother) Daniel, he did not think Macute, himself, filed the complaint as he appeared helpless and not knowledgeable about legal concerns, much less file a case against anybody. Nevertheless, Mr. Razon told the general that he wanted Macute to be protected.

Batas Party-list earlier got the required two percent of total party-list votes to elect Razon to Congress. The Commission on Elections (COMELEC), however, temporarily set aside Razon’s proclamation as party-list representative because of this pending case.

By the second week of November, the Commission on Elections disqualified Batas alleging that it is a front of a religious organization.

Under Article 6 of Republic Act 7941, the COMELEC may remove or cancel the registration of any national, regional or sectoral party, organization or coalition if it is a religious sect or denomination, organization or association organized for religious purposes.

Meanwhile, Eliseo Soriano, himself the Presiding Minister of the Church of God, International said, Daniel Razon should be spared. He believes he is the real target and that this is the handiwork of his enemies who are systematically trying to put him down at all costs.

It is to be recalled that Eliseo Soriano’s enemies had been filing 43 cases against him – mostly in connection with his work as preacher – which he said comes from only one group, the Iglesia ni Cristo, and its supporters. This includes even lack of permit to bury his dead brother in his own property.

Daniel, who is his nephew, is just the first nominee of the Batas Party List which is popularly supported by his congregation, he said. Batas which stands for Bagong Alyansang Tagapagtaguyod ng Adhikaing Sambayanan (New Alliance for the Support of National Concerns) is not owned or organized by his congregation, more popularly known as Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path), Soriano said. It is then Mr. Razon who is the only nominee from his church.

Aside from Daniel Razon, the other nominees of Batas were Melanio Mauricio Jr., Joey Y. Sonza, Ariel M. Pacis and Olivia G. Coo.

Daniel Razon, a media personality, has been consistently winning Web awards, the latest of which is the 10th Philippine Web Awards (PWA) Friday night. His site won in the Celebrities and Personalities category, getting the People’s Choice award as well. The site edged out sites of commonly known popular personalities in the country.

As reported by GMANews.TV, three websites associated with religious leader Eliseo Soriano dominated the 10th Philippine Web Awards (PWA) Friday night –, the official site of Soriano’s The Church of God International;, the official site of broadcaster Daniel Razon, Soriano’s nephew; and, the official site of UNTV 37, where Soriano’s Ang Dating Daan is among the top programs.

GMANews.TV said the Church of God official site won, through SMS voting, as the Most Popular Website, on top of being named the People’s Choice in the Organizations category.

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News Type: Event — Wed Aug 27, 2008 1:10 AM EDT

By Jane Abao

Manila, Philippines (8/27/2008) – He cared for nothing more than a penis enlarger he bought from the House of Condom in Singapore on a credit card not his own.

He also cared for nothing more than a change of face from one that looked like a bicycle’s seat to one of a handsome-looking elite.

Lastly, he also cared for nothing more than an identification card sporting the name of the highest official of the church organization he belonged to – one that he would betray later on and charge of rape in order to materially survive. Daniel Veridiano alias Puto. Two faces. Before and after splurging in Church money

All of these have been his passport to stardom – a spotlight he shares with his new organization, the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) with all the attention of the International Crime Police Organisation or INTERPOL.

Daniel Veridiano, alias Puto, the man for whom the Interpol would mobilize to catch his enemy is now the man of the hour – thanks to an all-powerful church group in the Philippines he is now a part of.

The common denominator to Puto and the INC is that they have the same enemy – Eliseo Fernando Soriano – the walking bible who readily says a mouthful about religions he had examined to be deceiving people and whatever he sees as evil. No matter that the constitution of the Interpol says it doesn’t involve itself in crimes that do not overlap several member countries in order to maintain as politically neutral a role as possible, Eliseo Soriano’s name is suddenly in its list. Puto’s enemy and the INC’s enemy seems well-taken care of. From a rape case that Puto concocted, helped by his Iglesia ni Cristo, they have him secure on a “Red Notice” of the Interpol according to an INC report.

Wikipedia quotes the constitution of the Interpol that this organization’s work focuses primarily on public safety, terrorism, organized crime, war crimes, illicit drug production, drug trafficking, weapons smuggling, human trafficking, money laundering, child pornography, white-collar crime, computer crime, intellectual property crime and corruption. Granted that Soriano had committed the crime of rape, it doesn’t come up yet to any of these crimes listed that would involve the Interpol.

Puto must be laughing at everyone since he, himself only mocked up the rape charge. Suddenly it leads to an international watch by a most respected body. Whoever had that posted there must have prepared a most believable report. But that is not the concern of Puto as his godfathers in the Iglesia ni Cristo have everything prepared for him. He only has to keep mouthing lies against Soriano and he gets to continue with his new-found job – a ready source of income to maintain his new face and high living, and perhaps to continue with his gay sexual pursuits.

By now, the length and size of his penis have become common knowledge to the public. Over at YouTube, the videos describe his organ as really large. His rape victims demonstrate an open “O” with their thumb and pointer finger. They say it is 5-and-a-half inches in length but the size has become their problem because when he forced his penis into their anus, it was really painful.

Penis enlarger bought from abused credit card for the self-confessed serial rapist

RIGHT: Penis enlarger of Puto that he bought from an abused credit card meant for Church use.

Penis enlarger as an item had caught the attention of the church administration when receipts began coming in for the credit card Puto used beginning July 30, 2002. It is hardly an item for church use. It showed a grossly irresponsible shopper who was already going out of his way from the doctrines being preached by Soriano. When asked about the penis enlarger, he said that the preacher had asked for it.Initially, the shopping list showed many luxury items for food, health and sports and even if the amounts were superfluous, it did not quite alarm the Administration. Puto went from city to city and in one day, he could be in several places with his spending spree to include Baguio, Manila, Olongapo, Pampanga, Davao, and even outside the country like Singapore.

Puto was allowed to purchase materials for emergency use for his office, which is why he had access to an extension credit card, but he went loose. What appeared to be just a fancy buy when he included unauthorized purchases for his medication from Healthy Options and GNC Live Well, and sports outfits from Toby’s, led him from one thing to another. He probably wore the most expensive brief hereabouts and he bragged to his friends that they cost thousands. Just like the luxury items he wore, he told his office mates that they came from the preacher. From purchasing Botox treatments to expensive information technology (IT) items, cameras, watches and clothes, he got bolder and bolder that he took on expensive holiday trips to tourism beaches to dream up a life he did not rightfully deserve. He was testing the limits of the extension credit card.

Puto with fake id using the name of his victim and long-time benefactor

The newly-minted face of Puto but with the name of his victim. Puto then headed the office that made the ID’s.

Secretly, Puto had long been riding along a UNTV identification card that he had prepared himself as head of the Attendance Monitoring System, which is why the purchases under that name did not immediately take concern. For the name on that ID, he printed that of the preacher. For the photograph, he pasted that of his newly minted face. The signature, he had the gold finger for that.

With the credit card, it was like he could buy anything we wanted at every turn – shades, watches, jewelries, shoes, clothes, dinners with friends, you name it. A sensible man would be satisfied with one watch for a long, long time, just as he would with some shades. But he was not. It was like every week, he needed a new pair.

Puto thought the banks were his very own wallet. His favorite were the Metrobank and Bank of Philippine Islands (BPI) where he could draw cash advance with the credit card five times to a total of PHP 90,000 in just one day. And then he would shift to other branches to do the same after two or three days. While Onesimus Men’s sells expensive clothes, mostly barong (intricately designed from Philippine native jute), they were chicken to Puto. Groceries on the credit card sounded like he was supplying a big 24/7 convenience store. He didn’t even hide the fact that when he shopped, he included the carts of the department store up to his own vehicle. Still single, it was like he was feeding a big party all the time as reflected in his grocery lists. Those lists also projected someone running frequently for medical needs.

Puto loved jewelries so much like he has many hands and neck to adorn, but he appeared to be buying gifts for himself and for others too. The list of Puto for 2003 just for watches and jewelries showed the following in Philippine Pesos: Swatch, 800; Swatch, 3,500; Swatch, 13,600; Lucerne, 6,400; A. Rialto 39,697.00; Montre watch, 26,620; A. Rialto 18,800; A. Rialto 14,776; Venice jewelers, 40,000; and L. Heng Jeweller (Singapore) 79, 131.

For 2003 alone, he spent a total of PHP 243,324.00. For 2004, his list also showed the following just for watches and jewelries alone: Mossanite, 9,000; A. Rialto 23, 364; Multi Time, 446, 777; Gorriceta karat, 18, 801; A. Rialto, 14,750; and No Curfew, 23,940. So for  2004 alone, and for these items, he had incurred PHP 536, 632,000. In two years time, he bought several watches and fine jewelries from only a few thousands to enormous amounts to total PHP 779,956,000. Isn’t that almost a million for watches and jewelries?

Puto might not have a car but he rode taxis like he could afford any distance on any amount. He might not have a house, but he seemed to have furnished many already from the items he had bought. Like the gay, he is, he frequented much the SM department stores of the country where he had his frequent beauty treatments.

It was on February 20, 2003 that Dermclinic would first work on his face, followed by so many others. No treatment was less than PHP 15,000 on the credit card so that he may have thought of paying in cash and going for more expensive treatments. Suddenly the cash advances were becoming frequent so that by the time he was found out in 2004, his minted face had spent a fortune. It was after some five months, though – after his change of face – on August 7, 2003 that he bought his penis enlarger from Singapore for PHP 10, 607.93.

Records show that from 2002 to 2004, Puto had been purchasing IT equipment presumed to be for use of his former office at the ADDCIT (communication, information and technology) with the same credit card. At the rate he was purchasing items, he must have equipped a very sophisticated office well provided with many of the premium gadgets around, but no. By the time he left his office, he alone knows where he had placed most of those items.

It looks like Puto had landed on a new career but one where he had to speak continuously against his one-time benefactor and the “rape” charge is just one of his aces in order to survive and live his expensive style. His use of the credit card ended June 20, 2004, however. When he wrote his confession letter on November 21, 2004 to two Ministers-in-charge (MICs) in his desire to be forgiven, he only admitted “kahalayan” (rape and acts of lasciviousness) to only nine of his office mates and pilfering church collections. There was no mention of what he did with the credit card.

In between these months, from July 2004 where he had no more access to the credit card up to November 21, 2004 when he wrote his confession letter and appeal, he was out of cash or source of money as he reflected on his suspension. Despite what was discovered about Puto, the preacher took care of his medication for kidney trouble and gave him money for that, in the hope that Puto could still change. Puto, himself, talked about that in his video testimony that could be viewed in YouTube.

Puto maybe the luckiest man on earth today. He must be the first to be laughing at how eventually his lie about being raped has gotten the whole world’s notice, least of all the International Crime Police Organization or Interpol. Puto had victimized some 14 of his subordinates from acts of lasciviousness to rape and yet he has gotten scott-free. The only thing the victims were able to do so far was to tell to the world how he had victimized them in YouTube and describe his penis.

The ace in the card of Puto is the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC), his new-found group when he could no longer be acceptable to Soriano’s group. For a long, long time, this could only be the solution to his dreams of one day becoming a minster-in-charge (MIC) which was never realized. At one time, in the hearing of his office mates, he had declared that if he doesn’t become an MIC, he may just become an INC.

Confession letter of Puto of having raped 9 but 14 were complaining.

Confession letter of Puto of having abused 9. When told that there were 14 complaining, he said, “Hindi ko na po matandaaan” (I cannot anymore remember).

In Soriano’s group, confessions are appreciated and seen as a sign of repentance. In Puto’s case, however, he only wanted to remain still in his position by hiding some of his acts. The man who used to take the dictates of the Presiding Minister through a laptop styled himself as “Secretary General” (no position as such in the Church) – a power he abused to insert the names of his enemies in Circulars that contained the list of suspended and excommunicated by Soriano. He never had that position, however. Yet, Puto saw this opportunity to use a secret weapon to threaten his rape victims with. Once, Puto met a young man from the construction group walking home one day – dirtied with cement and dust. He ordered him to come with him to his room, but there raped him!

After Puto’s appeal to be re-instated to the organization failed, he joined – as he had threatened -the Iglesia ni Cristo. There was a lull here, however. It took him some time to think and connect with those who left the organization for the Iglesia ni Cristo until he finally became one of them. [Note: Soriano is a most feared critic of the INC].

With him being excommunicated by Soriano, Puto and his presence is still felt from time to time in forms of enticing others to follow him. He was offering “jobs,” just like the one he holds now, and the job was only to speak against Bro. Soriano. This was revealed by a young boy who used to go around looking for some kilo of rice for his poor parents. He had refused the offer of PHP10, 000 a month just to be speaking against the preacher.

In the few years just before Puto was to be excommunicated, instead of participating in church activities and listening to the preaching, Puto’s mind was out somewhere. Eliseo Soriano, as Presiding Minister of the Church of God, International, is very strict, as far as doctrines are concerned, and on the weekly Thanksgiving days placed on Saturdays, the members dutifully gather to study God’s word. At these times, Puto could only be found in vacation spots, mostly in the beaches where he loved to imagine a different life.

In a video testimony of his friend, Freeman Maynes, he revealed that whenever they traveled far away from the city and nearing the beach, Puto would shout “Holocaust!” then shamelessly attack one of them that he would undress forcefully and grab the private parts. This was reported by Maynes who eventually was excommunicated, too, for taking advantage of others. Instead of talking about himself, he revealed more about Puto.

Puto could have stayed on still but money is his weakness – including sex. With his nine years stay in the Church, he had not internalized the teachings, even as basic as being truly repentant to be forgiven.

Puto’s portrait is a showcase of what is sordidly happening in the country. For accommodating an organization that lives its life playing with election-hungry politicians with its bloc-voting practice, and allowing its intervention in so many forms, the justice system of the country is expected to be sorely decadent. Already laden with corruption charges as with the Office of the President of the Land, the justice system of the country cannot be expected to be managed well.

While Puto’s new church group had filed case after case against Soriano, they could not come up with something worth the Interpol’s attention. And yet they were able to have his name in the list of persons to be searched. Could there have been an agreement that it would only be up to posting his name and photograph there? One need not ask if that is a dangerous practice because it is. It is not a secret that the Iglesia ni Cristo had come up with as many cases as they wanted to file against Soriano. It is also not a secret that INC members like Rizalino L. Arrabis, a retired US Navy man based in Guam, have been suggesting in newsites for “police officials of all countries to unite, leash and impound Eliseo Soriano.”

The military

Puto saw much of the might of the INC before he joined them. He also knew how much the INC persecuted Bro. Soriano. On February 1, 2002, on a Friday midnight up to the wee hours of the following day, the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) under Gen. Reynaldo Wycoco (now deceased), raided the Convention Center of the Ang Dating Daan just on a case of libel filed by the Iglesia ni Cristo. The following morning was to be a Thanksgiving Day of the congregation so that many travelers who already were coming in for the day were disfranchised. These included the old orphans and widows of the church orphanage that was placed at the front part for easy access to the Center. Each of them then began to experience health issues from fright and sudden notice. The men came in full combat gear sporting NBI and surrounded the Convention Center for several hours. In such gatherings, the members could number some 60,000 on the average at the convention center alone.

The Source of Porn Comics Revealed

After Puto left, the raids of the INC increased, this time targeting Abner Martizano, their minister who had joined Soriano’s group. Martizano could be seen on TV, revealing INC secrets and one of that was the production of comics depicting Soriano in sodomy. While no authors were named in those malicious comics, these were being directed to be distributed by the INC ministers and at that time Martizano was with the Iglesia ni Cristo.

It brought a second raid that happened on December 20, 2005. The local police of Apalit, Pampanga together with INC military men were well prepared. Just at the first gate, they went directly to the cameras and turned them off like they knew beforehand where they were positioned. Apparently Puto had sold them much information.

Once inside, past the second gate, they directed everyone they saw to line up at the Administration building and confiscated their cell phones and cameras. No one was allowed to call anybody. While they did this, some of them banged on the doors at the Strangers Hotel and kicked them, at the same time shouting at the tenants, asking where people hid Martizano.

Today, the Convention Center is still being “inspected” from time to time by the Mayor of Apalit, Oscar “Jun” Tetangco, one who thanked the INC for his election in big billboards.

The Justice

On October 5, 2005, Otto Macabulos, Asst. Provincial Prosecutor addressed an information to Jesus Manarang, Provincial Prosecutor, Province of Pampanga, that Mr. Soriano is presently facing two counts of rape (no bail recommended) that he filed pending preliminary investigation with the Prosecutor’s office in San Fernando. The information said Veridiano claimed that he was sexually abused on May 17, 2000 at around 1:30 in the afternoon and on June 8, 2001 around 3:00 in the afternoon. The information further said it was physically impossible for the accused suspect (Soriano) to carry out the alleged crimes as there are documents for him of his whereabouts.

The hard evidences given for the rape charge (Ra 8353), page 5 Resolution said: 1) On May 17, 2000 at around 1:30 in the afternoon, Soriano went to the Biological Health Center in Malate, Manila to undergo chelation therapy. It took him about 3 hours and on the basis of records, the respondent was treated at the clinic. After the chelation therapy, he went directly to Lipa city, Batangas for a Bible Exposition which started at 7pm to 11pm. Soriano never left the stage all throughout the event.

Both Dr. Jean Marzan and Dr. Frederick D. Franciso of the Biological Center attested that on such date and at that time, and on the basis of their records, the respondent was treated at the clinic.

The information further said: 2) That on June 8, 2001, that Veridiano said he was raped for the second instance at about 3 o’clock in the afternoon, Soriano together with Rico Fernandez at 11:30 in the morning went to the Office of one Ma. Evangeline Veliora in a bank located in Bambang, Manila. They then proceeded to meet a certain Aida Briones, an accountant recommended by Veloira as regards the loan they were applying for. Fernandez, Veliora, and Briones each had written an affidavit to affirm that Soriano was with them that day. These affidavits were notarized by Bernardo Cuaresma on October 21, 2005.

The Missing Document Dismissing the Case

The rape case was dismissed on January 26, 2006 penned by Alexandro Lopez, Assistant Provincial Prosecutor of Region III, San Fernando, Pampanga as approved by Jesus Y. Manarang, the Provincial Prosecutor. In part, the document says: “The foregoing facts, together with the rift going on between the INC and the ADD, which we cannot deny, only show that the complainant was indisputably ill-motivated from the inception, and these necessarily, without any scintilla of doubt, substantially affect, if not lessen, his credibility as an unperjured affiant. Wherefore, premises having been considered, the undersigned recommends the DISMISSAL, as he hereby DISMISSES, the complaint for rape filed by Daniel Veridiano against Eliseo Soriano docketed herein as I.S. N0. 05-I-2459 and 2460.”

Months later, however, Raul Gonzalez, Secretary of Justice, on March 21, 2006, directed Regional State Prosecutor Jesus Simbulan to elevate the records of the rape case to his office. The letter said: “Department of Justice. Memorandum to RSP Jesus Simbulan, ORSP, Region III, Subject: Daniel Veridiano vs. Eliseo Soriano for Rape. Date: March 21, 2006. In the interest of justice, you are directed to elevate the records of above-captioned case to my office. For immediate compliance. Raul Gonzalez. Secretary.”

In the transmittal letter of the investigating prosecutor Jesus Manarang who first handled the case, he clearly stated that the records contained all 214 pages, including the resolution rendered by him which dismissed the case. However, when Soriano’s group requested for the copy of the case from the Department of Justice, it claimed that no such dismissal resolution was part of the case. By that time, Prosecutor Jesus Manarang was replaced by Jesus Simbulan who was ordered by Gonzalez to elevate the records to Gonzalez’ office.

No one petitioned for the case to be elevated as no resolution was not yet even filed in the Office of Gonzalez, yet the Secretary of Justice ordered the elevation which is highly irregular. Gonzalez then re-filed this dismissed case in Pampanga as reported by ABS-CBN Online on May 3, 2006.

Missing Supreme Court Reports Annotated (SCRA)

Members of Soriano’s group question the way Philippine justice is going: Why is the document dismissing the case missing? Should it be like the missing SCRA where the Iglesia ni Cristo deacons were involved in the killing of 5 Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) students? Why are important documents disappearing from the files of the Supreme Court and that of the Department of Justice when the Iglesia ni Cristo are involved?

In Supreme Court Reports Annotated, Volume 339 dated August 28, 2000, in a decision rendered by Chief Justice Hilario Davide, Jr., on the case “PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES, plaintiff-appellee, vs. JUANITO ABELLA, DIOSDADO GRANADA, BENJAMIN DE GUZMAN, and EDGARDO VALENCIA, accused-appellants”, the four accused in these cases, who are deacons of the Iglesia ni Cristo, were declared guilty beyond reasonable doubt on five (5) counts of MURDER. On page 147, it states –

“There, they were mauled, tortured and beaten by appellants, who were deacons of the INC, as well as by their cohorts, using steel tubes, lead pipes, guns and other blunt instruments. Thereafter they were loaded into the van, which forthwith sped out of the compound; and three days later, or on 10 March 1992, the victim’s bodies were found floating in Pasig River, showing signs of foul play.” The Supreme court at that time was headed by Hilarion Davide, popularly known to be a just man.

ABS-CBN on INC payroll?

Puto’s rape claim was published by ABS-CBN Interactive for more than a year. The article was such that only the date was changing. Editors in Soriano’s group began to protest that article, question the leadership of this outfit, and the kind of training its people had. This was made through a news posted online and titled, “Is ABS-CBN Interactive a legitimate news outfit?”

This one-story online site went blank for a time. The rape story was not there anymore but only its masthead. It returned with a vengeance, however, with another name – ABS-CBN Online. As though with malice, the rape story was back and stayed while it lasted. Meanwhile, they twisted the name of the complainant they protected to Pedriano from Veridiano. This emboldened INC posters to keep repeating the rape story in many online sites and fighting for Daniel Veridiano, alias Puto.

The rape story was picked up by Wikipedia that placed it as an integral part of the biography of Eliseo Soriano. This led to some church editors tangling with the Wikipedia staff. When Moriori of Wikipedia was chided for making use of a discredited source like ABS-CBN Interactive, his reply was to this effect: “There are many others I can use. I still have other sources.” Moriori in the end used Manila Standard as source.

Many times over, the rape story was repeated by news outfits like Soriano was convicted already- an overkill that effectively bared their intentions but mostly what group they were linked to. The aspect of its being dismissed was never mentioned – nor was the intervention of the Secretary of Justice. Despite ABS-CBN’s background of the case that it reported the first time, there was no mention that their new reporting concerned a dismissed but re-filed case.

Still the questions remain: Who changed the name of Daniel Veridiano to Daniel Pedriano? Was it Raul Gonzalez, the Secretary of Justice who was highly interested in the case and had it refiled although dismissed? Or was it the ABS-CBN to facilitate their yearlong reporting, to protect somebody but continuously destroy Soriano? In the way they treated the material, was that news for the public or an advertisement paid against Soriano? Who is now considered the complainant of Soriano, a Veridiano or a Pedriano?

With the rate Soriano’s enemies are going, one cannot miss a relationship with the phoned-in calls to radio programs. As Soriano is abroad serving his international congregation, one suddenly hears his name mentioned by out-of-topic callers, an obvious fisher for his location: “What do you think happened to that Soriano? Where do you think he went? He was charged of rape, you know.” The man on board was heard to shoot back, “Sorry, you are out of topic!”

Bro. Eliseo Soriano protesting before the Commission on Human Rights re lack of justice in the country

Preacher Soriano protesting MTRCB’s ruling of Indefinite Suspension before the Human Rights Commission while followers gather below.


The challenge to Eraño Manalo for a public debate published in Manila Times 03/27/05

“A Message to Manalo” published by Soriano in Manila Times challenging the INC leader to come out for a debate to settle their differences. It was only answered with an instruction to debate with the Pope first.

While Soriano had to exile himself, Soriano’s voice could still be heard on radio from his taped programs from 10 o’clock at night to 1 o’clock in the morning over at DZAS and DZRH in “Itanong mo kay Soriano, Biblia ang sasagot” (Ask Soriano, the Bible will answer). To some of the questions asked, he could not avoid telling the truth about the Iglesia ni Cristo. Soriano can also be heard expounding the Bible in “ADD by Demand,” a program in TOP Channel of UNTV that recently inked partnerships to make telecasts available in America and Canada. Added to that is and his blog in Soriano is being followed by millions because of his great understanding of the scriptures.


In the website of the US Embassy in Manila on International Religious Freedom Report, the Church of God International, more popularly known as Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path) is named as an offshoot of the Iglesia ni Cristo. It is not so and never was, and the embassy was informed in 2006 then again in 2007, but the information remained the same.

On religions matters, it is consistently claimed that “there is no change,” implying that all is well with the country despite what the Iglesia ni Cristo, with the blessings of Office of the President, is doing. For example, The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) under the Office of the President and headed by Ma. Consoliza Laguardia had suspended the program of Ang Dating Daan (ADD or The Old Path) of Soriano many times and at one time on the charges that Soriano uttered “Iglesia ni Manalo” (Church of Manalo) which the complainants said hurts them. However, in Net25’s Ang Tamang Daan (ATD), a counterfeit of Soriano’s ADD program, the INC ministers as co-anchors spend a lot of time tearing the minister apart as magnanakaw (robber), mangogotong (extortioner), mangagansto (plunderer), and many more, yet the MTRCB allows them to continue.

The ATD program was revealed by Romy Español, an INC minister who got affiliated with Soriano’s group, as a program that was really put up to destroy Soriano at all costs.

Puto’s “Victory”

In tandem with these irregularities in the justice system, Veridiano is still lucky as in the Bureau of Immigration, he seems to have church brothers working for him. Soriano was eventually placed on a watch list. In the military, Puto would never lack brothers there. The Iglesia ni Cristo had long been displaying their might against the ADD Convention Center which they began to habitually raid, the first being that one from the NBI under Gen. Reynaldo Wycoco in February 1-2, 2002. This was followed by a time when Bro. Soriano left the Center to hold a Worldwide Bible Exposition at the Araneta Center on December 20, 2005. The Local Police and some later on identified as military members of the INC forced their way into the Convention Center, arrogantly marched into the Strangers’ Hotel where they thought Martizano, the minister who left their fold, was billeted.

Practice of False Reporting

Puto’s “victory” is capped by the fact that Soriano was able to leave the country, yet the Interpol has his name with them. The Interpol is emphatic, though, that a Red Notice is not an international arrest warrant and that everyone should be assumed innocent until proven guilty. Alfred P. Dalizon, who has strong links with the Iglesia ni Cristo, however, reported on August 17, 2008, in People’s Tonight, a tabloid in the country, that Soriano is branded as a fugitive and is on an international arrest. He had it linked to World News Network, Journal Online of the Journal Group of Publications.

This practice of false reporting sets off other media outfits to pick up the report as legitimate report, it was observed. Were it not protested upon by the editors of Soriano’s group, Dalizon’s story may have created a chain reaction that he seemed to have intended. The editors asked for sanctions on Dalizon by his office, otherwise a protest of bigger dimensions would be forth-coming.

Fresh Challenge

Soriano reiterated his challenge to debate with Eraño Manalo after he had exiled himself towards the end of 2005 – a manifestation that he wanted resolution into all this hounding after him. The immigration officials have him on the watchlist, the Secretary of Justice is highly interested in the mocked-up charge of rape, and although dismissed, had it re-filed. The Interpol has his name on “Search” which an INC supporter banners as an international arrest warrant. To Soriano, all of these have began from the practice of selling and buying of votes.

No conclusion could be made then except that new information on religion in the country has to be made. There is religious persecution in the country – thanks to the penis enlarger that opened a can of secrets from politics, to justice, to immigration, and military connections. More importantly, it has affirmed the role of media that hide these secrets from the eyes of the peering public. For one, why isn’t the murder in cold blood of Marcos Mataro, the UNTV host that left the INC and joined the Ang Dating Daan group, not solved despite the fact that the reward had been jacked up to PHP 1.2M? Apparently, media from the INC greatly disinforms the public and covers for those involved.

There is more to tell. But the penis enlarger has told much already.

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